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Assignment Detail:- COM567 Development and Diversity - Excelsia College Assessment 1: Development Essay Assessment Description • Students will research and prepare a 2500-word essay examining one individual's life story within a broad developmental framework-• More specifically, students are to select a minimum of three developmental theories deemed most appropriate for explaining the individual's specific life story- It is strongly recommended that you choose Erikson's psychosocial theory plus two other relevant developmental theories-• Students will invite a carefully selected individual, who must be aged over 30, to participate in the assessment task- Students are to respond to all questions posed by the interviewee and must obtain written consent from the interviewee prior to commencing an interview- In the event the interviewee is not comfortable with any aspect of the assessment task he/she may elect to not participate, with the student needing to reselect a new potential participant and repeat the above process- The Signed Consent Form is to be included among the essay's appendices, with the interviewee also provided with a copy-• As a requirement of the assessment task involves recording of the interview, the Consent Form includes notification of, and permission for the student to record the interview- The audio-recorded interview cannot commence until the participant has provided written consent for this to occur-• At all times the privacy of the interviewee is to be maintained- This is to be achieved by students ensuring the following procedures are followed:-i- The audio-recorded interview is immediately transferred to a password-secure computer and deleted from the recording device- -Once the interview is transferred to a password secure computer, students are responsible for deleting the interview recording from their recording device so interviewee privacy is protected---ii- The essay based on the interview is to contain only de-identified information, with a pseudonymused in place of the interviewee's real name--iii- When submitting their essay students are to upload the de-identified essay to ExO but share the original interview recording to their lecturer at a time arranged by the lecturer -announced in the first class-- The interview recording is to be shared using a shared link on OneDrive to the lecturer with a copy to counselling@excelsia-edu-au- When referring to a part of the interview students are to cite the specific location in minutes and seconds -e-g- 25 minutes: 15 seconds--It is the collective responsibility of the lecturer and student to ensure that the interviewee's privacy isalways maintained-• Students are reminded that the interviewee reserves the right to change his/her mind and decide that his/her interview material is not to be used in the student's assessment- Should this occur, the student must contact the lecturer immediately so alternate arrangements can be made-• Students are to arrange a mutually suitable time to conduct the interview- Students are required to use Tamase's Introspective Developmental Counselling protocol -available on ExO- to conduct the interview, which should not exceed two hours- All phases of the individual's life are to be addressed as per the interview protocol-• Note that while the circumstances of the interviewee's life context are important, so too is how he/she has reacted to these events, experiences and relationships and how the interviewee perceived/experienced their effect at the time they occurred- It is important to encourage the interviewee to be as specific as possible, asking for examples when necessary to ensure the student interview is clear about what the interviewee is sharing or referring to-• Students will bring the interview to a close by reflecting with the interviewee on the process and experience of the interview- The interviewee may have mentioned some things that may have potentially disturbed him/her or that he/she did not intend to bring to light, but which nevertheless arose in the context of the interview-• The student is to provide a suitable telephone number to the interviewee in case further assistance is required- Should the interviewee report persistent difficulties following the interview it is crucial that the student notify the Lecturer and/or the Head of Counselling- The Participant Information Form will include contact details for both the unit Lecturer and the Head of Counselling-• Students are encouraged to listen to the interview several times so as not to miss important, developmentally relevant information provided by the interviewee-• It is essential that students focus on linking theory to the interviewee's specific developmental history-• Students are to submit a brief timeline of significant events -from infancy to present- in theirinterviewee's life-Students may employ section headings to organise their essay- Assessment Criteria• Understands and applies appropriate developmental theories to specific clinical presentations, correctly interpreting an individual life story within a broad developmental framework• Identifies and summarises the major developmental tasks of the life stage-• Identifies and summarises the developmental significance of events that occurred during the identified life stages-• Critically evaluates the effect of life events based upon the developmental stage-• A clear, coherent and well researched essay which: -i- includes all relevant sections of an essay; -ii- complies with the Counselling Course Information Booklet relevant to the preparation and presentation of an essay -provided in ExO-; -iii- is compliant with the Beginner's guide to the APA 7th ed- referencing style manual -provided in ExO-, including full in-text citation and inclusion of a reference list; -iv- uses ideas and argument effectively, demonstrating critical reading and critical thought -i-e- arguments are well developed and presented-, and evidencing comprehension and synthesis of ideas; -v- demonstrates appropriate use and inclusion of relevant literature -a minimum of 10 seminal works and/or contemporary peer-reviewed articles, chapters from academic works, books, etc-- showing breadth and depth of research; and -vi- abides by the word limit policy -no more than 10% over or under the word allowance-- Attachment:- Development and Diversity-rar

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