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Assignment Detail:- COM566 Relational Dynamics - Excelsia College Assessment Brief The following assessment task requires students to consider the attachment relationship between a client and their therapist, based on Bartholomew & Horowitz's -1991- four-category model of adult attachment- Students are to relate this theory to the four-category model of infant attachment -Main & Solomon, 1986- and then to describe the four adult attachment types as they might present in therapy- Suggestions for possible therapeutic approaches should also be made- Assessment Criteria - Students are required to research and submit a 2000-word essay which displays a clear understanding of: -i- Main & Solomon's -1986- four-category model of infant attachment -ii- Bartholomew & Horowitz's -1991- four-category model of adult attachment, and how the two models are related to each other- Students are also required to: -i- Describe how adults from each of the four attachment styles present in counselling and experience the therapeutic relationship -ii- Make some suggestions as to how a therapist might work with clients displaying each of the attachment styles towards their therapist- Students may organise their essay by employing suitable section headings-- Students should write a clear, coherent and well-researched essay which: -i- includes all relevant sections of an essay -introduction, body, conclusion, etc--; -ii- complies with all Counselling Course Information Booklet relevant to the preparation and presentation of an essay -provided in Exo-; -iii- is compliant with the Beginner's guide to the APA 7th ed- referencing style manual -provided in Exo-, including full in-text citation and inclusion of a reference list; -iv- uses ideas and argument, demonstrating critical reading and critical thought -i-e- arguments are well developed and presented-, and evidencing comprehension and synthesis of ideas; -v- demonstrates appropriate use and inclusion of relevant literature -a minimum of 10 seminal works and/or contemporary peer-reviewed articles, chapters from academic works, books, etc-- showing breadth and depth of research; and -vi- abides by the word limit policy -no more than 10% over or under the word allowance-- Attachment:- Relational Dynamics-rar

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