COIT20277 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Assignment Detail:- COIT20277 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Central Queensland University Assignment - Fuzzy Sets Objective 1: Model and design solution to the given problem applying fuzzy system concepts Objective 2: Develop source code and implement designed solution Objective 3: Follow use of good programming practice/techniques Objective 4: Test software implementations to ensure correctness of the model and algorithm Objective 5: Provide suggestions to enhance the model using one or more computational intelligence techniques Assessment Part In this assignment, you are required to write a Java Application that implements a water distribution controlled by a fuzzy controller- You will be using the given input details and guidance on use of fuzzy membership functions to model, design and build your application for the fuzzy controller- A- The ProblemLet us assume that we have an Internet of Things -IoT- based smart sprinkler system in a park, where the sprinklers will spray water in a given frequency while maintaining the pressure at an optimum level to avoid waste of water- Variable speed drives -VSD- are used for the sprinklers where the speed can be controlled by changing the frequency to adjust the water pressure- Inputs from pressure transducers and frequency of the motor have been used to control the speed of the sprinkler by changing the frequency- The fuzzy controller output is the change in frequency -δF-- The inputs of pressure and frequency measurements are given in Table 1 below- B- Modelling 1- You can use the following guidelines in your modelling- 2- There are two sets of inputs as shown Table 1 and you should use two fuzzy sets for these-a- Frequency of actuation of the motor-pump set -FR- which is used to vary the speed and hence flow rate- This has 4 levels of Frequency ranges F1 - F4b- Water pressure -PR- measured in the most unfavourable point of the system 3- The output is the change in frequency -δF- 4- You will develop the fuzzy controller that have two input variables with the following linguistic values and fuzzy membership specifications- D- ProgrammingYou are required to write a Java Application that implements a fuzzy controller which will perform fuzzification for the pressure and frequency measurements of each input set given in Table 1, fire the fuzzy rules, and then perform defuzzification to obtain a final value for the change in frequency, δF-You can use the following class descriptions as a guideline for your design- 1- FuzzyMember classThis should store:start point, endpoint, membership type-This should have a fuzzy member method which takes an input and converts it to fuzzified -normalised- value- You need appropriate membership functions such as leftTriangle, rightTriangle and Triangle as required-You should also modify the toString-- method to display output properly- 2- FuzzyVariable classThis class stores the fuzzy sets corresponding to a particular type of input or output- For example, if you have three different fuzzy members F1, F2, and F3 related to frequency, then a FuzzyVariable frequency will store all the three members- You can use an ArrayList of FuzzyMembers- 3- FuzzyRule classThis class stores the variables required to construct a rule and these include: Linguistic variables for input and outputFuzzified output and defuzzified outcome, if multiple rules are not fired at the same time- 4- Controller classThis class creates the objects of pressure, frequency, and change in frequency δF using the FuzzyVariable and FuzzyMember classes- This also creates the RuleSet, an ArrayList of FuzzyRule and stores the given rules- 5- ControllerTest classThis class is for testing your controller using the inputs given by fuzzifying the inputs, firing the rules, and then defuzzifying the outcome- The firing of rules involves applying the min operator for implementing ‘and'- The intersection method in the FuzzyMember class can be used-The output generated by firing the rule gives the ‘y' axis value- The defuzzification is required to convert that to the x-axis value which is the required output- Please refer to Figure 1 which shows the representation of δF with a fuzzified out and actual output- Note: As given in Figure 1 fuzzified output can be 0-72 Negative Medium and this can have two corresponding change in frequency values, x1 and x2- One way of defuzzifying is, in case of a triangle, take the right maximum, so the actual change in frequency should x2, -0-04-E- Source CodeYou will write and submit source code in java for the implementation of the application- As you can see many of the classes and methods can be coded following the generic pattern given in examples in Weeks 9 and 10-You can build your application using the TextPad Editor, NetBeans, or any other suitable IDE for software development-Example output of the fuzzy controller for some of the inputs given for testing is as given below- -the output formatting can be more user friendly--FuzzyRule{pressure-7-000-=Low:0-444 frequency-2-300-=F2: 1-000fuzzified outcome= 0-444, deltaF =positive medium, 0-156}FuzzyRule{pressure-14-000-=optimum:1-000 frequency-3-500-=F3: 1-000fuzzified outcome= 1-000, deltaF =zero, 0-000}FuzzyRule{pressure-11-000- = Low: 0-667 frequency-5-400- = F4: 1-000 fuzzified outcome=0-667,deltaF =positive medium, 0-133},FuzzyRule{pressure-21-000- = High: 0-875 frequency-4-400- = F4:1-000 fuzzified outcome=0-875,deltaF=negative Medium,-0-088}FuzzyRule{pressure-31-000-=very High: 0-900 frequency-5-700- = F4:fuzzified outcome= 0-900,deltaF =negative Medium,-0-090},FuzzyRule{pressure-45-000-=very High: 1-000 frequency-5-800- = F4:1-00 fuzzified outcome= 1-000,deltaF=negative Medium, -0-100} ReportAs part of the assessment you should submit a report that contains the UML class diagrams for the classes and diagrams representing fuzzy membership functions for the variables -Pressure, and Frequency- based on the given specifications- Your report should also contain an explanation of the intersection -Min-, Union -Max-, and defuzzification operations of the fuzzy sets- Attachment:- Fuzzy Sets-rar

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