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Assignment Detail:- COIT11226 Systems Analysis - Central Queensland University Assignment Testing In this assignment you will design and execute a test suite to help verify and validate specifications and implementations developed for the case study from the previous assignment- The goal is to decide whether the implementations are ready for release- The assignment is due at the end of Week 12- Feedback will be returned after Grade certification- You are complete this assignment individually- Your final report should be 10 pages or less including all diagrams and appendices- Design a Test Suite You are to develop a suite of tests based on your own requirements specification- Your suite should include be the 20 most important tests- However, you also need to demonstrate that you can derive a variety of test case types: • Include the 4 most important user acceptance tests derived from your user stories- Include the acceptance criteria of your user stories• Include the 4 most important user acceptance tests derived from the normal flows of your use cases• Include the 4 most important tests derived from your activity diagrams to test activity, branch, logic, loop and/or path coverage• Include the 2 most important tests derived from your non-functional requirements• Do not include tests that only test external systems- For each test case provide the following:• Background and rationale for including the test• References to trace the test back to the original requirements• Preconditions to run the test• Test data that you will input during the test• Test script of the steps that you will use to perform the test- You can reuse or modify models from your requirements specification such as activity diagrams• Expected output or response of the system for each step of the test script- Document the percentage of coverage of your requirements that your test suite provides- Obtain Two ImplementationsNext you will obtain two implementations developed by two different teams- You will test them using your test suite-Return to the Assignment 3 submission facility after the Assignment 3 deadline has passed- You will be provided with two requirements specifications and implementations- You should inform the unit coordinator immediately:• If you have been assigned one of your group member's submissions• If both of your requirements specifications are the same, or• If either specification is not sufficiently developed to test- TestingAfter reading both specifications and implementations, execute or simulate the execution of your test suite on the two implementations- For each test:• Record the actual output or response of the system for each step in the test script- If the feature is missing entirely from the implementation, you would stop the test case- If the feature is available but poorly documented, do your best to simulate the actual output or system response-• Compare the actual output with the expected output to determine the outcome, that is whether the test was successful and if not, record and discuss defects- For example, you might identify incomplete, incorrect or ambiguous requirements and missing functionality- Classify the criticality of any defect- Summarise ResultsProvide a short summary of the results of your testing including the percentage of tests passed for each implementation- Recommend whether the implementations should be released for use- Provide recommendations for improving both specifications and implementations- Attachment:- Systems-rar

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