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Assignment Detail:- CIVL3002 Concrete Structures - Western Sydney University Design Brief Figure 1 represents the floor plan of a residential building to be constructed in Paramatta- The building is designed as a two-storey building- Your team is assigned to design all the columns, floor slabs, beams as shown in Figure 1 and 2- Design Information and Requirements • Concrete compressive strength, f'c = 32 MPa -You are allowed to increase f'c if needed--• Reinforcing steel strength, fy = 500 MPa -Use N Class bar--• Concrete density = 24 kN/m3-• Columns are 500 mm x 500 mm-• Beam widths are fixed at 500 mm-• Maximum beam depths should not exceed 1000 mm -You are allowed to increase depth if needed--• Slab depth is 200 mm-• Concrete slabs are supposed to be built monolithically with the supporting beams therefore the beams must be designed as L or T-beams-• All the outer beams must be designed as continuous beams-• All the calculations must be presented in the report- Part 1: Load Combinations a- Determine the load combinations for loads using AS/NZS 1170-0 and 1170-1-b- Provide the required bending moment, shear and axial force diagrams for the beams, slabs and columns-c- Determine the critical design actions such as M* bending moment, V* shear and N* axial forces for slab, column and beam designs for both serviceability and strength limit states- Part 2: Analysis and Design Design all the required members such as the floor slabs, columns and beams and provide adequate drawings or sketches showing elevations and cross-sections for each member- a- Floor slabs b- Columns c- Beams d- Detailing, report presentation and group management Presentation of the Assignment It should be legible and logically arranged- A typical presentation would contain, in order: a title page including names of structural engineers involved in the design, detailing of structural elements in applicable sections, supporting calculations in each section, and appendices containing any appropriate technical information- Typing is not required, or necessary but neatness and clear presentation is important- All material should be securely bound into an A4 sized booklet- Where A3 sized drawings have been used, they should be folded down to A4 size with appropriate title blocks in the bottom right-hand corners facing up- You are required to prepare and submit a group assignment showing independence in design- Attachment:- Major Design Assignment-rar

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