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Assignment Detail:- CIVE1208 Concrete design - RMIT University Structural Design of a manufacturing plant -Reinforced concrete- This project will introduce you to the fundamentals of design of reinforced concrete structural members- As part of a team you have been engaged by an architect to design a single storey reinforced concrete manufacturing plant- Your design team will be in groups of four- The design data of the building are as follows: Design Data:   Actions -Load-: Ceiling and services 0-3 kPa   Additional dead load Imposed Load 0-5 kPa 1-0 kPa   Floor finishes 0-3 kPa • Characteristic concrete strength f'c = 40MPa• Longitudinal steel: Cold worked high yield reinforcement• Shear reinforcement: Hot rolled mild steel reinforcement• Yield Strength, fsy = 500MPa• Maximum bar length is 6 m with bar diameter fulfils the following criteria:- 10mm < bar diameter < 40mm • Slab thickness = 180 mm• Assume 125 mm brick wall• Beam width = 300 mm- The beam depth is 600mm-• Column section to be 400 x 400 mm square• Foundations 1-0 m below ground level- Permissible soil-bearing pressure = 150 Kpa- Using the requirements of relevant part of AS 3600 you are required to carry out the following tasks:• Estimate primary loads -DL and LL- on the one-way slabs, beam element, slab element and columns and determine load combinations for strength and serviceability• Summarise design actions -M*,V*,N*- for critical load combinations• Prepare final sketch drawings of selected elements of the structure including reinforcement detailing• Design the Beam 1 for bending, shear and deflection• Design the slab• Design the column C1• Design the critical footing Structural Design of a manufacturing plant -Reinforced concrete- 1- Concept DevelopmentIn this section, you need to introduce the project, present any assumptions, material specifications, possible outcome of the project, and present preliminary following drawings applicable for your group- • Floor plan of the manufacturing plant• Grouping diagrams of slabs, beams and columns using the floor plan• Elevations of the manufacturing plant You also need to introduce the contents of the report to the reader-After reading the introduction section, readers will have a clear idea about what is going to be presented in thisreport- 2- Primary load calculations and load CombinationsIn this section, you need to present detailed load calculation with diagrams -if any-, figures -if any- and tables -if any- of all the slabs, beams, and columns considering the load combinations for strength and serviceability- 3- Load analysis for Design ActionsIn this section, you need to present detailed load analysis for beam column frame using the following analysis- • Beam-column frame analysis using SpaceGass - 3 frames-• Beam-column frame analysis using Approximate method- 1 frame- The results obtained using spacegass need to be tabulated for Axial force -N*-, Shear force -V*- and Bending moment -M*- for all the members- 4-Design of memberIn this section, details steps need to be carried out for specific member such as: beam, slab, column, and footing as shown in the project brief- The calculations that are required are as follows: • Beam design:Roof and floor beam design needs to be carried out for bending, shear, and deflection-• Slab design:Roof and floor slab design needs to be carried out for bending, shear, and checking of temperature and shrinkage reinforcement-• Column design:Level 1 and ground level column design needs to be carried out through development of interaction diagram for the column cross section- Consequently, the efficacy of column cross section needs to be computed for design N* and M*- Additional steps need to be conducted if the column is slender-• Footing design:Footing design needs to be carried out for one way shear, punching shear, and bending- 5-Final drawings and detailingIn this section, you need to present all the following drawings- • One-way slab reinforcement details - 2 drawings -Roof and floor slab longitudinal diagrams-• Floor beam reinforcement details-2 drawings -cross section and longitudinal diagram-• Column reinforcement details - 2 drawings -cross section and elevation-• Footing reinforcement details- 2 drawings -Plan view and cross section- Attachment:- Concrete Project ReportTemplate-rar

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