CIS 7016 Research methods for technology dissertation

Assignment Detail:- CIS 7016 Research methods for technology dissertation - Cardiff Metropolitan University Learning outcome 1: Synthesis aims and objectivesLearning outcome 2: Critically evaluate academic literatureLearning outcome 3: Critically review appropriate research or development methodologiesLearning outcome 4: Produce a detailed project plan for a dissertation Research Proposal You must produce a 3000-word research proposal that describes your intended area of dissertation study- Your proposal should have the following five sections: Assessment criteria 1-- Introduction• The introduction should explain the background of the issue you are studying- You should seek to explain the motivation of the project -why the project is important- and outline the definitions and foundations of your choses subject- 2-- Aim-s-, Objectives and Research Question-s-• In this section, you specify the aim of the dissertation and the related objectives- You may also include research questions to further define the aim of your study- 3-- Literature review• You should provide a review of the key literature in the field- Your literature review should be approximately 2000 words and should have critical narrative- The literature review should consider the important issues in your field of study and should examine existing academic evidence relevant to your research aim- 4-- Methodology• The methodology section should provide a clear research strategy for your study- You should specify your research approach, strategy, timescale and data collectionmethods- You should also consider the design of any research materials needed e-g-questioners, interviews, and observation- Your methodology should be approximately 1000 words in length- 5-- Gantt Chart• You should provide a detailed Gantt chart that breaks your dissertation down into component parts with estimated completion times- Attachment:- Research Methods for Technology Dissertations-rar

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