CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance Assignment

Assignment Detail:- CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance - Stotts College Assessment Part 1: Questions Question 1 Describe two pieces of information or advice that local, state/territory or commonwealth government departments can provide on compliance- Question 2 Describe two ways an industry association can provide information and advice on compliance- Question 3 Describe how plain English documentation explaining legislation can assist organisations to understand compliance requirements- Question 4 Describe two functions and operating procedures of two regulatory authorities relevant to the health and community services sector- Question 5 Explain why it is important for managers and other employees to have a clear understanding of their legal responsibilities and liabilities- Question 6 Explain how the law applies to children in the workplace- Question 7 Identify and describe two pieces of legislation relating to discrimination in the workplace- Question 8 Describe and provide an example of the law relating to dignity of risk in the workplace- Question 9 Describe the law relating to duty of care in the workplace- Question 10 Explain how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to the delivery of community services- Question 11 Explain what is meant by a ‘human rights framework' in the workplace- Question 12 Describe the law relating to informed consent in the workplace- Question 13 Describe two workplace instances that require mandatory reporting- Question 14 Describe two Australian Privacy Principles required when recording or reporting sensitive information- Question 15 Identify and describe one right and one responsibility of workers in the community services sector- Question 16 Describe how industrial relations legislation and requirements apply to community service organisations- Question 17 Describe the law relating to work health and safety in the workplace- Question 18 Describe one example of specific statutory reporting requirements relating to an area of the community services sector- Question 19 Explain the specific requirements in the area of community services work relating to public liability insurance- Question 20 Describe two key practices that are prohibited by law in the workplace- Question 21 Describe two main consequences of non-compliance- Question 22 Provide two individual rights that should be protected in a code of conduct- Question 23 Explain the purpose of a code of practice- Question 24 Describe how complaints could be managed internally by a community services organisation- Question 25 Identify and describe two practice standards relating to the community services sector- Question 26 Explain the importance of understanding practitioner-client boundaries in community services work- Question 27 Explain how policies and procedures are used to manage compliance and ethical practice in internal work practices- Question 28 Identify two elements that could be in a policy format and two elements that could be in a procedure format- Question 29 Describe a policy framework that relates to the community services sector- Question 30 Explain why community services organisations are required to develop and implement plans, policies, codes of conduct and incorporate certain workplace practices- Question 31 Describe two ways community services organisation should safeguard confidential information and records of service users- Question 32 Describe two ways that community service workers could clarify their level of authority- Question 33 Describe two techniques for monitoring legal and ethical compliance in the workplace- Question 34 Explain the purpose of monitoring inspections- Question 35 Explain the need for community services organisation to apply for licences and associated certifications- Question 36 Describe what an organisation must to do to be accredited- Question 37 Explain why community service workers should undergo continuing professional education -CPE-- Question 38 Describe two methods of receiving updated information on compliance requirements-

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