case study report - Continuing from the question above and

Assignment Detail:- Reflective component Background: Over the past couple of years, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused drastic changes that have impacted our lives and environment- Businesses have needed to adjust their plans to accommodate these changes- You also had to adjust your university studies in this situation- Part: Feedback is an important component of the control management function- This combined with reflective practice contributes to the management function of planning- Spend some time reflecting on the situation before addressing each question below: Question 1-- Relating to the mid-semester test -assessment 1- and case study report -assignment 2-, reflect on your preparation or strategy, you used for doing and completing these tasks- Question 2-- Continuing from the question above and on the same theme, looking back, especially to your group work, what could you have done differently, how and why???? Question 3-- Reflecting on the topics covered in this course- Which topics and how do you think you would use the knowledge and lessons in the future???? For each of the questions above: 1- Please include any theory and concepts covered in this course to support your responses -for example, any of - management function-s-, management approaches, motivation theory, environmental factors, etc--- Clearly state what theory-ies- or concept-s- that you are referring to in your response- 2- Please include references -in APA format- to support your responses, especially the theory-ies- and concept-s- used in your reponses- The reference list is not included in the word count- 3- The length of the written responses for each question should be approximately 300 words-  

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