Case Study on thorough Investigation of the Chosen Topics

Assignment Detail:- MGT5PSC Foundation of Logistics And Supply Chain Management Case Study on thorough Investigation of the Chosen Topics of Supply Chains Descriptions and Instructions Assignment 3 requires students to conduct a Qualitative Case Study- Assignment 3 tests students' complete understanding of how companies can make use of the resources and/or capabilities to support supply chain strategies, maintain competitive advantage and achieve desired performance- The suggested length of the report is around 2,500 words- Assignment 3 is a thorough investigation of the chosen topics of supply chain management in the context of a real company -or companies- with successful practice of the topic-s- to gain competitive advantage- The whole idea is to link the theories, concepts, approaches, and techniques you have learned from this course with practice- Students should investigate the topic from a theoretical viewpoint and try to use real-world cases to support their arguments- The investigation needs to be as in-depth and thorough as possible -after all, it is only one topic of a supply chain and therefore greater attention is possible-- This assignment is mainly a desktop research with most of the data and information sourced from the public domain or a full-fledge study to do with the focal company if possible- Each student has the flexibility in investigating the chosen topic, as long as the report analysis is in-depth, professional, and insightful- Each student needs to choose one of the following topics -one topic only-: 1- Inventory Management -Warehousing, Cross-Docking, etc-- 2- Supply Chain Risk Management 3- Sustainable Supply Chains -Reverse Logistics, Closed-Loop Supply Chains, etc-- 4- Omnichannel Logistics and Supply Chains 5- If you have topic outside the list above -discuss with the coordinator/facilitator- Format RequirementThe report needs to have a Cover Page that provides the necessary information such as the report title, assignment number, title of the case, student number, student name, and submission date, etc- Besides, the report should adopt the following format: -a- Executive Summary -Summarize the topic of the investigation, the findings - both the theoretical overview of the function and the actual practices of the case company, and the conclusions of the study in one page---b- Table of Contents -List the sections and subsections with corresponding page numbers on a separate page---c- List of Figures -List the figure numbers and captions with corresponding page numbers on a separate page whenever figures are used in the report---d- List of Tables -List the table numbers and captions with corresponding page numbers on a separate page whenever tables are used in the report---e- Overview of the Chosen Topic -Give a comprehensive and thorough analysis and discussion of the topic assigned to you for investigation- This may include its definition, role in a supply chain, state of the art, pros, and cons, as well as how companies can leverage it to gain competitive advantage---f- Real-World Case -Provide an overview of the company that is used as an example to illustrate how a firm can leverage the supply chain function in question to gain competitive advantage---g- Discussion -Demonstrate using adequate evidence that the points discussed in -e- can be witnessed in the company identified as an example- In this regard, comparison table -theories vs practices-, figures, charts, etc-, should be used as liberal as possible to aid the discussion---h- Issues identified -Identify the issues encountered by the case company in leveraging the supply chain function and how these issues are resolved or overcome by the firm to achieve success---i- Conclusion -Summarize the study and give insight based on the analysis and the findings---j- References -List the references used in the report in Academy of Management Referencing Style- Attachment:- Foundation of Logistics-rar

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