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Assignment Detail:- HI6006 Competitive Strategy - Holmes Institute Report - Case Analysis using Strategy Models Purpose: Students are required to explain in report format, with reference to case studies that relate to each of the strategy models of your choice, how at least any two of the following strategy models are applied- Choose ONE model from this columnPositioning Grid -lecture 2-Porter's generic business strategy -lecture 4-Product Life Cycle -lecture 5-Porters International Diamond model -lecture 8- And Choose ONE model from this columnPROFIT and VRIO in combination -lecture 3-Cross Impact Analysis -CIA, in combination with SWOT- -lecture 3-Diversification and the BCG Matrix -lectures 6 and 7-Values Journey and Organisational Pathologies -lecture 9- DetailsSelect any two mini-cases from those in our first 9 weeks of tutorials and select at least two strategy models/theories to apply to the facts of the relevant case- See Tutorial Materials in BB for selected cases- In this report, the use of sub-headings is essential- Be sure to use paragraphing-Be sure to reference your sources in-text and provide a list of references at the end, all in Holmes-adapted Harvard style- Assignment Structure Report to contain three numbered Section Headings in line with sections 1,2, and 3 in -the Marking Rubric- + the List of References-Paragraphing must be used-Page Numbers must be used-Reference List must be in Holmes-Adapted-Harvard format and may contain a combination of up to 4 Academic Journal Articles and/or additional Case Study materials -Note: Case Studies in BB Tutorial Materials may be sufficient--Appendix: Statement of ‘who wrote which section'- Attachment:- Case Analysis using Strategy Models-rar

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