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Assignment Detail:- CAS203 Principles of Case Management - Stott's College Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate broad knowledge of a range of community services theories and frameworks-Learning Outcome 2: Develop an appreciation for the legal framework in which organisations and communities operate-Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate in-depth knowledge within specialist counselling areas, including alcohol and other drugs, youth, family and mental health-Learning Outcome 4: Develop and apply an understanding of human diversity, including culture, gender, age, ability, class, religion and sexuality- Assessment 1: Case Management This assessment is designed to help you develop foundational knowledge regarding Principles of Case Management in Australia- You will be required to select one target population from the following list and discuss -giving practical examples- how it might impact upon the provision of case management for this client group-• Low linguistic competency• Interpersonal trauma• Youth homelessness• Seeking asylum in Australia• Intellectual impairment• Domestic and Family Violence Your report should identify key issues facing this target group, impacts upon service provision and referral to appropriate services, and key areas of expected capacity building- Your written report should include a minimum of 8 -scholarly- journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references- The format of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials- Assessment 2: Role Play and Submission of Written Case The goal of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge and skills required in case management- You will be provided with a role play scenario by your tutor- During the role play, you are required to effectively conduct an interview/engagement with a client- After the role play, you will also be required to submit your case notes and other information in relation to the interaction and future improvement- During the role play, you will be assessed on the following:• All levels of communication -verbal and non-verbal-• Demonstration of active listening, reflecting, and understanding of client needs• Ability to ask the correct questions and offer the correct intervention• Build rapport and empathy with the client• Develop an action plan/case plan following to support the client• Timeframe: 15 minutes Your case notes and other written information will also be accessed as part of your overall mark and assessed on the following:• Accurate reflection of the client engagement and how to improve your interaction with this client when working with this client again• Written in a SOAP or similar format• Containing relevant information to the case, client and case plan• Reflection on actions to improve your interaction with future clients and case management skills- Word Count: 500-600 words• Students are required to submit the written case notes and reflection for marking no later than 5 days after the completion of the role play- Assessment 3: Weekly reflective journal You must demonstrate your understanding of the principles and stages of case management- Your written journal should include at least 8 -scholarly- journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references- These resources must be relevant and linked to the core content of your reflections- You must use APA 7 referencing- The format of your journal will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials- Attachment:- Principles of Case Management-rar

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