Calculate the weekly wages for each of the staff and

Assignment Detail:- Assessment task: Case Study Case Study 1 Students are required to read the information given below and complete the spreadsheet provided -Appendix 2- and all the relevant information in relation to the awards and award conditions must be sourced from the website link provided below: 1A- Students are required to develop the rosterfor the week commencing 30th November 2020- 6th December 2020, using the spreadsheets provided- Note: The information provided below includes a 30 minute meal break for each staff member-Students will need to use the Roster spreadsheet to develop this staff roster on the first Tab-Mark -Front Office grade 1- - will be working from 13-30 - 22-00 on Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sun and from 13-30 - 20-00 on Sat- Tom -Front Office grade 1- - will be working from 6-00 - 14-30 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Sun and from 6-00 - 12-30 on Saturday- Jordan -Front Office grade 1- - will be working from 22-00 - 6-30 Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri and from 24-00 - 6-30 on Sat- Sam -Front Office grade 2- - will be working from 15-30 - 22-00 on Mon, from 6-00 - 14-30 on Thurs, Fri and Sat and from 13-30 - 22-00 on Sun- Shelly -Front Office grade 2- - will be working from 13-30 - 22-00 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs and from 13-30 - 20-00 on Fri- Darren -Front Office grade 3- - will be working from 22-00 - 6-30 on Mon, Fri, Sat and Sun and from 24-00 - 6-30 on Tues- Scott -Front Office Supervisor- will be working from 6-00 - 14-30 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Sun and from 6-00 - 12-30 on Thurs- Margaret -Front Office Supervisor- - will be working from 15-30 - 22-00 on Tues, 13-30 - 22-00 on Wed and Sat, 12-30 - 21-00 on Thurs and from 6-00 - 14-30 on Fri- Nick -Front office grade 3- Casual staff- Available for duty on call- a- Use the Appendix 2-Spread sheet provided by the Assessor- and complete the task-b- Using the information outlined above, determine how many staff you need at each hour of the day-c- Allocate shifts according to the schedule requirements, taking into account staff availability-d- Total the hours for each staff member and the roster period-e- Students must proofread roster to check that they have the exact number of people on at workaccording to their skills at each hour of the day and that students have abided by the Hospitality Award conditions and the availability of staff-f- After, developing the above roster, you are required to assume that Shelly -Front Office Grade 2- has made a sick call on Tuesday- You are required to assign a staff on Tuesday instead of Shelly- You will choose a staff member instead of Shelly from the information provided above- 1B-Students are required to read the overview provided below and complete the task-Overview:The Venetian is a small cocktail lounge in a hotel- This weekend they are open for a private function from 11 am to 11 pm, Saturday and Sunday inclusive-Students need to put together a roster for the two-day period- The Venetian abides by the Hospitality Industry Award- Venetian employeesa- Sam: casual, doesn't work Sunday mornings due to religious and family commitments-b- Alex: casual, can't work Saturday mornings due to sport commitments- Has requested five-hour shifts where possible to help pay for a student loan-c- Lee: part-time, guaranteed minimum eight hours per weekend-d- Kerry: casual, can't work before 1 pm on weekends- Has requested annual leave for the Saturday-e- Mannie: full-time manager, requests to be rostered from 1200 to 1600 and 2000 to 2400 each day to supervise other staff and oversee the function -Each student will be required to play the role of Mannie- Students require a staff member to start one hour prior to opening and stay back one hour after closing-There must be a minimum of two employees rostered between 12 noon and 11 pm for security purposes- Both Kerry and Lee need to work under supervision of either Sam or Mannie- 1B -Part A-: Complete roster• Use Appendix 4 and complete the task-• The class will be divided into groups of 4-5 and each group member should assume the role of either Sam, Alex, Lee or Kerry -after discussing with the Assessor-• Use the information provided in the scenario to prepare staff schedules and a suitable roster to meet the requirements of the organisation, legislation and the Hospitality Industry Award-• Consult with other group members about their availability to work-You -Mannie- are required to demonstrate a discussion with the team members and check their availability-• Consider any leave requirements, socio-cultural-friendly or family-friendly initiatives-• Record your roster in the templates provided-• Discuss and confirm the completed roster with group members- During your consultation, discuss opportunities to improve the rostering process- You -Mannie- will be required to have a discussion with the team members and note down the opportunities to improve the process of rostering and make changes if required- 1B -Part B-: Question and answer• Answer all questions- Q1: What changes -if any- did you need to make to your roster following consultation with group members???? Q2: During your consultation with group members, did you identify any opportunities to improve existing processes???? If so, explain what they are- Q3: What other methods can you use to communicate rosters???? Q4: Would you approve Kerry's annual leave request???? Why or why not???? 1C- Once students have developed the roster based on the information in Part 1A, transfer the roster on TAB-Wages- part A-and: a- Check if each employee has at least two rostered days off in the week- Highlight these days in grey colour- b- Calculate the weekly wages for each of the staff-c- Calculate work hours for the week for each staff member-d- Locate the correct hourly rate for each staff member based on their award including penalty rates which apply for specific times during weekdays and for Saturdays and Sundays-e- Calculate the wages for each staff member for the week for this roster-f- Calculate the total Wages for the week-g- Determine if the wage budget of $7200-00 for the week is being met- By how much is it over or under???? 1D-Using the Hospitality Industry -General- Award 2010, do the following:a- Calculate the weekly wages for an employee working as a food and beverage attendant grade 2 on the following roster:-Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday10-00-16-00 18-00-24-00 09-00-20-00 11-00-22-00 11-00-01-00 b- Comment on the hours worked by this employee- c- Calculate a preferable arrangement from a lifestyle and safety point of view- d- Calculate the difference if this employee worked on Thursday instead of Sunday for the same working hours of Sunday -11:00 - 01:00- Case Study 2 You are the manager of a reception centre in the city and have been very busy recently- For the last month you have generated sales of over $145,000- After having checked your payroll for the last month you find you have spent $45,245 on full time, part time and casual staff members- a- Calculate your Direct Labour Cost % b- In what ways do you think you could reduce your labour costs for the following month without compromising customer service????

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