Calculate the stiffener axial loads (lbf) at the end of

Assignment Detail:- Question 1: Consider a stiffened beam using the "Q1 Beam" as provided in the Individual Parameters- The beam is assumed to consist of stiffeners carrying only direct stress and shear panels carrying only shear stress- The material used has E = 11500 ksi, G = 4100 ksi, σty = 52 ksi, σcy = 41 ksi, σsy = 39 ksi- -a- Calculate the stiffener axial loads -lbf- at the end of each beam segment and the shear flows -lbf/in- along each panel edge- -b- Size the beam by determining stiffener areas -in2- and shear panel thicknesses -in-- For stiffeners, size to yield stress -in tension or compression-, considering the maximum load in each segment -i-e- each segment can have a different area-- For the shear panels, size to yield stress -in shear, maximum in each panel- or shear buckling, whichever is critical- For the buckling calculation, assume that the shear panels are simply supported on all edges, and for the tapered panels use the smaller edge dimensions -i-e- assume a rectangular panel with the smaller of the width and height edge dimensions-- When sizing, use a minimum possible area of 0-25 in2 and a minimum possible thickness of 0-0048 in-

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