Calculate the steel cross section area for the ties and

Assignment Detail:- CVE80004 Advanced Concrete Design - Swinburne University of Technology Assignment Strut and tie method Question 1- Draw at a scale of 1:100 a layout of major and minor struts and ties that meet the requirements for a deep beam, using the internal lever arm and shear spans shown- Dimension all node positions- Show tension members as solid lines and compression members as dashed lines- Show the value and direction of the loads and reactions- Question 2- Label the nodes on the diagram in -1- above starting with A for the top left node, continue from left to right across the top row, then continue from left to right across the bottom row -only label nodes not members-- Question 3- Analyse this layout to find the forces in each member- Write the value of the force in each member on the diagram you made in -1- above- Question 4- Calculate the steel cross section area for the ties- Question 5- Calculate the minimum dimensions for the cross section of the struts- Question 6- Calculate the minimum dimensions of each node, such that it is hydrostatic, and check the node capacities -ignore any eccentricity of the forces acting on the node-- Question 7- Select a suitable width for the bearing plates at the load points and support points in compression- Question 8- Draw the layout of the strut and tie model at a scale of 1:50 -it will be sideways on an A4 page- Draw the nodes and struts to scale, and show the length of each node face on this diagram- Show the reinforcing area required for each tie -bar numbers and size are not required-- You are not required to show the overall concrete outline and size of the beam in this drawing-   Attachment:- Advanced Concrete Design-rar  

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