CAB201 Programming Principles Assignment: Project - Genomic

Assignment Detail:- Programming Principles Assignment: Project - Genomic Sequence Retrieval - Part I Assignment Description: Gait data -motion capture and force reactions- was obtained for a number of subjects using a range of equipment in the Gait Lab during class time- In this assignment, you will apply biomechanical methods covered in the unit to process the collected data and to investigate the difference between a subject's normal gait and "toe walking"- The format for your report is a scientific report- It should be structured in a conventional way with an introduction, methods, results and discussion section- A number of articles have been provided on the Blackboard site to assist you in adopting an appropriate writing style- The analysis of the data must be done using MATLAB- Build and Run Instructions - Please provide clear step-by-step instructions here on how to build your program in Visual Studio and run your program in the command line, given your submitted zip folder- For each step, you should include a screenshot- You may expand the box if needed- Attachment:- Programming Principles Assignment File-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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