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Assignment Detail:- BUSN7003 - Industry Research Project Assignment - Southern Cross University Assessment - IRP TOPIC - EDUCATION AND EARNINGS Instructions - Prepare a written final report based on your completed project- The final report must be structured as follows: Introduction -i-e-, the research question that was investigated and why it is important- Institutional context -i-e-, a review of the relevant literature- Data source and empirical approach -i-e-, the data source used and analytical approach adopted- Results -i-e-, a clear and concise presentation of the key results- Discussion -i-e-, a summary of the findings and whether the findings are consistent with other studies- Conclusion -i-e-, the implication of the findings- Please ensure that your final report is clear, concise, and well-presented -as style and substance go hand in hand-- Please note that the inclusion of tables and charts do not count towards the total word limit- Note - Project wages-xlsx - Excel sheet -Already solve data analysis in descriptive summary and sheet 2- whatever the calculations are you just need to put a screenshot of that either by snipping tool in the word-final document file- Attachment:- Industry Research Project Assignment Files-rar

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