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Assignment Detail:- BUSM4554 Contemporary Management - RMIT University Assignment - Case Study Amazon to Competition: We Will Crush You! Amazon to Employees: We Will Churn You Prepare a report for Amazon, addressing the range of contemporary management issues and challenges raised in the case study above- Your report should be 1,000 words excluding references and appendices- In your report, you are required to address a number of points including: Question 1- Identify and discuss the issues and challenges Amazon is facing-a- Why are they important????b- What are the implications for Amazon???? Question 2- How can Amazon address the issues and challenges identified in -1-????a- Identify some feasible strategies for Amazon- Question 3- What are the risks for Amazon if the issues and challenges identified in -1- are not addressed???? To obtain a good grade for the report, your responses to the questions must be thoroughly researched and be well-grounded in current literature and evidence-based- You must also proofread your report multiple times so that it reads coherently and logically- Ideas and materials that are taken from other sources must be cited in your report- For more information, please refer to the Canvas "Assignments" page- Attachment:- Case Study - Contemporary Management-rar

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