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Assignment Detail:- BUS5VA Visual Analytics - La Trobe University TASK 1: Create data items-Calculate the Gross Margin of products, which is -Product Sales - Product Cost of Sales-, and then create a new data item for the Average Gross Margin-Create the Product Hierarchy including Brand, Line, Make, Style -in that sequence--Create the Facility Geo-hierarchy including Continent, Country, Region, City -in that sequence--For each hierarchical data item generated in the sub-tasks 1-2 and 1-3, create a drillable bar chart to show average gross margin at each level- TASK 2: Create visualisations to summarise the gross margin in 2017-Create a crosstab to summarise the Product Sales and Gross Margin based on Countries andContinents-Create a visualisation to show which Country generates the highest and lowest Gross Margin-Compare the Product Sales over time across all Continents in 2017- TASK 3: Create ‘interactive' visualisations to explore product sales and customer satisfaction- Create a drillable geo-map to compare the Product Sales from facilities across Continents, Countries, Regions, and Cities-Create and incorporate the Average Customer Satisfaction towards products from each facility into the above geo-map-Create a visualisation -on the same page- for the Product Sales over time in 2017 which can be adapted / filtered as we drill down the above geo-map- TASK 4: Build one report page to help the global production manager to identify the correlations between facility attributes and customer satisfaction-Create a button bar to filter transactions by facilities from each Continent and create a bar chartto compare the Average Customer Satisfaction towards products from each Country-Create visualisations to show the correlations between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Distance; the distribution of Customer Distance; and the Average Customer Distance over time in 2017-Interactively adapt / filter the three visualisations in the sub-task 4-2 by selecting each Country in the bar chart created in the sub-task 4-1- TASK 5:Design an ‘overview' page for your SAS Report to provide a description for the visualisations presented for each of the tasks above -from Part 2 to Part 4-- The description should include ‘what' you are trying to show- -Assuming that this overview page is part of the visualisation report that you would be presenting to the stakeholders-- Prepare a Word or PDF document containing the explanation of all your visualisations from Part 2 to Part 4 -300-400 words-- The description should include ‘how' and ‘why' you have chosen to present the visualisation- You should support your justification based on various visualisation principles and guidelines for effective visualisation- Attachment:- Data Visualisation-rar

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