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Assignment Detail:- BUS5AP Business Application of Analytics - La Trobe University Assignment - Building the Business Case ORGANISATION PROFILE Assignment: ‘Kanban This' - Personas, User Stories and Acceptance FOCUS has accepted your business case and has asked you to commence the user-centric design and analysis starting with the creation of personas and user stories, drawing on the needs for an analytics platform- To ensure that you demonstrate a sound understanding of the user stories you must also build out acceptance criteria- You have to present the outcomes of this stage to the management team at FOCUS using a Kanban board, where you may leverage Trello as the tool of choice- Stakeholders: 1- Executive Director 2- CEO 3- Retail Store Manager 4- Online Retail Operations Manager 5- Online Retail Finance Manager 6- Social Media Influencer - Facebook 7- Social Media Influencer - Instagram and TikTok 8- Retail Store Worker 9- External Advertising Agency 10- Customer The tasks include, but are not limited to,• Create 1 Persona and 2 User Stories for each stakeholder -i-e- 10 Personas and 20 User Stories-- The "Organisation Profile" document contains the profiles of four stakeholders, you may use this as a guideline, in combination with external sources and common knowledge, to develop an understanding of all ten stakeholders• Develop 1 Acceptance Criterion for each User Story• Create a free account on Trello• Use Trello to build out a Kanban board that materialises this exercise of creating Personas, User Stories and Acceptance Criterion, use one card per user story• Rationalise the configuration/naming of columns on the board, as well as the categorisation of the cards on the board• Using the Trello board -and MS PowerPoint if desired-, you must present the findings and output of this phase to the FOCUS management team- This takes the form of a 10-15 minute video recording of the following- Briefly introduce Kanban and Trello, followed by how the board is organised for this business case, and then the actual content, stakeholders, personas, user stories and their importance in relation to the analytics solution, and the acceptance criterion- Conclude with a summary of work completed thus far and next steps of the project- Assignment Deliverables: 1- A 10-15 video recording as explicated above -step-by-step guide to Zoom screen recording here- 2- A shareable link to the Trello Board that you have created 3- An optional two-page report that documents any other information that may support the assessment- Attachment:- Business Application of Analytics-rar

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