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Assignment Detail:- BUS500 Business and Management in Context - Polytechnic Institute Australia FedEx - HR practices Case Study DescriptionA case study will be provided related to a management issue- Students are to use case study analysis method to answer five -5- questions related to the case, providing analysis and recommendations for the case- WhenThe report is due to be submitted by Sunday 5th June, 11:59pm- This is to be submitted via the Turnitin similarity checking link- FormatProvide a case study analysis of the case provided- Answer the five -5- questions provided that relate to the case- Each answer to the question is between 550 to 650 words each- You may use additional external references to support your answer- Use in-text referencing and a reference list-- Use theories and concepts from the textbook, to support each of your answers- Question 1- What is the corporate philosophy of FedEx???? How does this vision and purpose engage and motivate employees???? Question 2- How does FedEx use rewards and recognition to motivate their employees???? Question 3- How does FedEx continuously receive feedback from their employees for continuous improvement of their human resource management???? Question 4- How does FedEx leadership program develop leaders that are aligned to the corporate philosophy???? Question 5- Diversity management is a key component of FedEx's human resource management- Analyse these initiatives against diversity management good practice, as outlined in the textbook and other references- Attachment:- FedEx_Case_Study-rar

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