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Assignment Detail:- BUS221 Work Integrated Learning - Charles Sturt University Assessment item - Job Selection and Career Action Plan Learning outcome 1: be able to define, evaluate, and reflect on employability skills and graduate attributes to plan appropriate professional development activities- Learning outcome 2: be able to explore, develop and evaluate a personal career plan- Learning outcome 3: be able to learn and assess through reflection- Learning outcome 4: be able to explore and enhance personal brand development through academic application and self-development- The purpose of this task is to develop skills in addressing key job selection criteria- Select any four-4- of the twenty -20- key job selection criteria in the list below and addresses each selected criteria using the STAR method- 1- Sound oral and written communication skills- 2- Ability to apply academic knowledge and concepts to practical situations- 3- Advanced skills in word-processing and presentation software applications, for the preparation of high quality documents- 4- Sound communication, interpersonal and negotiating skills, including well-developed written and oral skills- 5- Proven experience using information and technology- 6- Able to operate effectively in a team, contributing positively to team operations and working relationships- 7- Ability to contribute ideas and demonstrate initiative and flexibility- 8- Demonstrated analytical and research skills- 9- Demonstrated literacy, numeracy, accuracy and attention to detail- 10- Ability to file, retrieve, shelve, and physically organise materials in a high volume environment- 11- Demonstrated client service focus and experience in a client service environment- 12- Good general knowledge with an interest in reading and current affairs- 13- Demonstrated ability to deliver a timely service to customers- 14- High level organisational and coordination skills- 15- Ability to work successfully both independently and as a member of a team- 16- High-level conceptual, analytical and problem-solving skills- 17- Sound organisational skills and ability to prioritise, meet deadlines and work within established procedures and guidelines- 18- Ability to work in a fast-paced, constantly evolving team environment- 19- Demonstrated ability to maintain attention to detail- 20- Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative and to work under minimal supervision- Career action planThe purpose of this task is to develop a career action plan indicating your own career situation and future career path-You must submit a career action plan that deals with the aspects of career development covered in your subject materials-Your career action plan should include the following: Current Situation• Introduction: An introduction and overview of your current career position which also includes an analysis of your personal preferences, interests, skills, values and abilities-• Graduate and employability skills: A brief analysis of graduate and employability skills - you should be able to discuss which of these you believe you can successfully claim to possess and which you may need to acquire or improve upon- You should not just make claims but provide supporting information to demonstrate your claims- Ideal Situation• S-W-O-T- Analysis: Reflecting on your current situation and ideal situation, provide a S-W-O-T- analysis- -Analysis of your internal ‘strengths' and ‘weaknesses' and your external ‘opportunities' and ‘threats'-• Career Goals: What are your short-term career goals???? What are your long-term career goals????Steps to Success: Achieving your goals• Discuss what you are going to do to achieve your career goals- Referencing• APA 7 referencing as relevant with citations and list of references for any sources used within the assignment-• Students need to note that despite this being partly a personal reflection it is still academic work and thus needs to be referenced accordingly-• Students are expected to have 5 references following APA 7 guidelines, which will constitute part of the marking criteria for a passing mark- Presentation• Clear and appropriate structure-• Demonstrate depth of reflection- Attachment:- Career Action Plan-rar

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