BUS105 Business Information Systems Assignment: Security,

Business Information Systems Assignment: Security, privacy and future airport demands

Your Instructions

The assignment has several sections shown below. You will be required to read relevant articles (some of which are provided) and write at least a paragraph for each answer. The report should be in your own words, and supported by the literature. A minimum of five (5) references should be listed, and Harvard referencing should be used.

Section 1. Introduction and overview of your group report, e.g. aims and summary. (100 words)

Section 2: Discuss current airport security methods. (200 words)

Section 3: Discuss the trade-off between security and privacy. (200 words)

Section 4: Discuss the trade-off between security and passenger delays & convenience. (200 words)

Section 5: Discuss possible innovations in security and recommendations with regard to future airports. Comment on how security may be improved in the future, and at the same time avoid passenger delays. (200 words)

Section 6: Write a summary of your report. (100 words)

References: Note that you are expected to cite at least five references.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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