BSBTEC601 Review organizational digital strategy Assignment

Assignment Detail:- BSBTEC601 Review organizational digital strategy - Central Australian College Activity 1Match the contents of the first column with the content in the second column by connecting them with a line- COLUMN A   COLUMN B     Quantitative Research   Customer Relationship Management     Qualitative Research   Social Media Policy     CRM   In-depth Interview     Communication Guideline   Existing Research Reports Activity 2Read Chapter 1 of the learner guide and complete the following Part- Briefly explain what is meant by the terms ‘Review Methodology' and ‘Research Methods'- Activity 3 A digital review of an organisation can be done without understanding the key components of their digital strategy and policies and procedures attached- Designing the review methodology is one of the most important parts of any review process- It is extremely important to map review the criteria of organisational goals and objectives- The review plan works as a guiding manual for the entire review process- The usage of a particular research method has no relation to the review criteria- Activity 4: List and explain any two types of Data Validation- Activity 5:Read chapter 2 of the learner guide and complete the following activity 1- Code text responses into form so that they are easier to analyse-2- Identifying broad ideas, concepts, behaviours, or phrases and assign codes to them is also known as -3- refers to grouping and assigning values to responses from the survey-4- Assign a to each individual in your dataset to help in searching all relevant responses-5- The first step to analysing qualitative data is - SELECTION     Data Coding     Transcribing       Unique Identifier     Indexing     Numerical     Activity 6 Tick ‘True' if the statement is correct, and ‘False' if not- The primary source of information is more important than the secondary source of information for research- Raw data needs to be organised and evaluated before they can be analysed and meaningfully interpreted- The aim of the research has no correlation to the type of data to be collected- Errors in data lead to an inaccurate interpretation of the data- Thematic Analysis is done for Quantitative Research Data- Activity 7 Read chapter 3 of the learner guide and complete the following PartIf you are studying the impact of higher advertising spent during the festival season on the sales for the same time period:a- What kind of research method will you use????b- What method of data analysis will you choose???? Activity 8Select the most appropriate word in the Selection column that matches the description of the same on the Description column by connecting them with a line- DESCRIPTION SELECTION       Method of analysis that relies on the study of multiple cases of similar type of problem-     Correlation     Examines the relationship between two or more variables of interest-     Data Mining     Studies the relationship between two or more variables-     Descriptive Analysis     It provides a simple overview of what the data represents-     Regression Slicing and dicing of organised data-   Grounded Analysis Activity 9 Tick ‘True' if the statement is correct, and ‘False' if not- Histograms cannot be used to graphically represent frequency distribution- Google Maps uses Prescriptive Analysis Model- Thematic Analysis is a type of Framework Analysis- Correlation and Regressions are methods of statistical analysis which study the correlation between two or more variables- Machine Learning is a branch of Prescriptive Analysis- Activity 10: List and explain the content sections of a recommendation report- Activity 11:Tick ‘True' if the statement is correct, and ‘False' if not- A preliminary report is a document used as a discussion guide to discuss the initial findings and research gaps with the relevant stakeholders- The preliminary report has no link to the final report- The evaluation criteria must be outlined beforehand to be used to choose one recommendation over the other options- Conclusions and recommendations are not the same- Recommendations have no correlation with the research problem- Activity 12: List and explain in brief the checks done during proofreading a review report- Activity 13: Review reports have three broad sections, and each section has various elements- Listed below in the first column are the various elements of a report content and the second column has the names of 3 report sections- Draw a line and connect the report contents with the relevant report section- REPORT CONTENT REPORT SECTION       Findings           Bibliography   INTRODUCTION     Executive Summary       BODY OF REPORT Data Set           Sample Design   APPENDICES     Research Design     Activity 14: Tick ‘True' if the statement is correct, and ‘False' if not- Proofreading checks the language, structure, and clarity of a report- Details of sampling methods and statistical analysis performed are part of the main body of the report- Preparing a research report involves three steps: understanding the details, organising the data, and writing- The Executive Summary is the lengthiest part of the review report- The PowerPoint Presentation should have as much data and details as possible- Attachment:- Review organizational digital strategy-rar

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