BSBMGT518 - Develop Organisation Policy - Australian

Assignment Detail:- Assessment 1 - Knowledge Questions The information contained in this section lists the questions that you will need to develop a written response- These questions are theoretical and provide evidence of your understanding of principles and practices used in policy development- Note you must answer these questions in your own words- Remember, you must get a satisfactory result with each question to be deemed satisfactory for the whole of Assessment Event 1- Question 1Explain policy development processes and practices- Question 2Explain the operation of policy cycles- Question 3Describe how to use analytical policy development frameworks- Assessment Event 2 - Women Tradies Australia Simulation In this assessment, you will undertake a number of tasks associated with planning and developing policy on gender for Women Tradies Australia- Part 1: Anticipate and confirm the need for policy development In this task, you will review the current situation with polices in terms of what is currently being used and what is needed to meet new initiatives- You will achieve this through an analysis of their internal and external environment and then make recommendations to stakeholders on the priority areas for policy development- 1-1 Identify relevant internal and external factors 1-2 Conduct a critical analysis of current policy and procedures 1-3 Develops priority areas for policy development 1-4 Consult with stakeholders Part 2: Plan the policy development process In this task, you will plan the policy process by identifying risks and developing a scope culminating in the creation of a Policy Development Plan- 2-1 Identify and analyse risks 2-2 Develop the scope for the Policy 2-3 Develop a Policy Development Plan Part 3: Gather and analyse information for policy development In this task,you will plan the creation of the stakeholder Reference Group and then research diversity issues so as to guide policy direction- In addition, you will research the components to be included in the formation of the policy document- 3-1 Identify and engage a Reference Group Also, attach the email to your CEO: 3-2 Source, analyse and apply information to support the policy development process Part 4: Determine policy direction In this task, the student will analyse the research and use a set of selection criteria to make final recommendation on policy options- You will then present this recommendation to key stakeholders of the Reference Group for approval to develop draft policy- 4-1 Develop control measures4-2 Develop a range of policy options4-3 Consulted stakeholders on policy options Part 5: Draft policyIn this task you will commence the production of the draft policy document- In this implementation, you will communicate to the CEO on the progress of its development and apply any risk management measures as required to ensure that the draft document is achieved within designated time frames- 5-1 Draft policyAlso, attach the email reply from your CEO: 5-2 Implement risk management processes Part 6: Release and promote policy In this task,you will seek final feedback from its Reference Group then respond to the concern raised by one of its members- You will then release the policy through the protocols set out in the policy document- 6-1 Seeks feedback from Reference GroupAttach the email to your Reference Group member here:6-2 Manage fallout6-3 Release and promote policy Attachment:- Develop Organisation Policy-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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