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Manage performance

Performance objective

You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to performance manage people through providing formal and informal feedback and coaching in an organisational context.

Assessment description
In response to a simulated workplace scenario, you will plan and role-play the delivery of a feedback and coaching session. You will then complete formal performance development documentation with the employee.


1. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business documentation provided to you by your assessor, particularly the performance management and performance appraisal processes.

2. Review the scenario below:

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store.Kim Smith has been on your team for the past six months. It is now performance review time.You will need to provide Kim with feedback on her performance since she was seconded to you from the garden centre.

You are less than satisfied with Kim's performance, but still hope you will be able to get her to focus on areas she needs to develop in and help her improve her performance to meet the expectations for the role. It is particularly disappointing that after providing her with feedback and setting goals at the outset, she has not lived up to her commitment. You allowed her to reduce her sales targets, but she has not made any sustained effort to develop herself to perform to a satisfactory level. She is even failing to reach the low targets set for the initial six-month period.

While Kim has not performed to expectations, she has made some effort to learn the required product information. You would like to recognise her efforts, while not downplaying the fact that the organisation needs and expects more from their sales staff.

You will need to discuss and agree upon what development steps to take. You have another experienced and high-performing staff member in the hardware and homewares department who has agreed to act as a mentor to Kim. You also have money in the budget for 30 hours of sales training for Kim if she is willing to be trained.

You will need to follow the Australian Hardware policy and procedures for performance management, including recordkeeping.

3. Arrange with your assessor:
a. a time and place to role-play a coaching session/performance appraisal
b. a timeframe and format requirements for submitting supporting documentation, as set out in the specifications below.

4. Review the employee's Performance Scorecard(Appendix 1).

5. Plan an informal coaching session for the employee. Use the Coaching Plan template provided (Appendix 2) or a coaching planning model of your own design.

The focus of this part of the role-play should be on collaborating with the employee to identify performance gaps and taking positive measures to close those gaps.

6. Prepare the formal performance development documentationfor the employee. Use the Performance Development Plan templateprovided (Appendix 3), in accordance with the Australian Hardware performance management policy.
The focus of part of the role-play (done immediately after the coaching session) is to formally establish with the employee the performance issues, remedial steps and work goals for the next performance review period.

7. Participate in a 10-15 minuterole-play. Ensure you complete the following:
a. Conduct a coaching session where you:
i. discuss performance expectations
ii. establish and clarify the reality of the employee's performance: describe how performance was monitored and measured; your evaluation of the gap between expectations and their performance; and discussprevious feedback given (Assessment Task 1).
iii. recognise achievements, attitude and positive aspects of performance
iv. discuss opportunities for growth and meeting expectations
v. establish willingness of the employee to take concrete steps.
b. Completeformal performance development documentation, where you:
i. set targets and review dates for the next performance review
ii. complete performance management recordkeeping for HR (Appendix 3), including signatures. Refer to the performance management procedures followed with the employee.

8. Submit supporting documentation to your assessor in accordance with the agreed timeframe, format and the below specifications.


You must:
- participate in a 10-15 minute role-play
- submit a coaching plan
- submit yourperformance development planning:
 the performance development plan as prepared by you prior to the role-play
 the performance development plan as completed in agreement with the employee during the role-play.

Your assessor will be looking for demonstration of your ability to:
- monitor, evaluate and provide feedback on performance;and provide coaching, training and other performance management techniques as needed
- reinforce excellence in performance through recognition and continuous feedback
- keep records and documentation in accordance with the organisational performance management system
- describe staff development options and information.

Adjustment for distance-based learners
- No changes to the assessment procedure or specifications are required.
- Role-plays may be conducted via video or teleconferencing.
- Documentation may be submitted electronically.
- A follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).

Attachment:- Appendix.rar


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