BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management

Develop and manage performance management processes

Assessment Task 1 - Case Study and Role Play

Part A

Please review the following scenario and answer the questions that follow.

You are the new HR General Manager at Australian Hardware.

In order to help the organisation realise its strategic goals, you will need to ensure a coordinated and integrated approach to performance management across the organisation. You will need to:
- analyse organisational plans and policies
- create objectives for performance management and develop integrated processes
- consult with line managers and other management stakeholders to ensure support and smooth implementation
- Plan the effective implementation of performance management processes.

In undertaking this activity you will be guided by your knowledge of building organisational capability and managing talent to achieve both shorter and longer-term organisational goals.

1. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business information provided in the Assessment Appendix A on Moodle and analyse the organisational documents - such as strategic and operational plans - in order to understand the Australian Hardware simulated business, including its vision and strategic objectives.

Required: Identify objectives and policies to be addressed in integrated performance management processes that you will develop for implementation.

2. Develop at least three objectives for performance management to support the Australian Hardware organisational strategy. These objectives could address areas of performance management such as KPI setting, ongoing performance monitoring and management and performance appraisals. Record these objectives in the ‘Performance management planning template - Performance Objectives' template provided in Assessment 1 - Appendix A.

3. Design a process - such as methods, a set of procedures or tools - to assist managers to develop KPIs for the employees reporting to them. Ensure that the performance management process is flexible enough to cover the range of employment situations that exist within the Australian Hardware simulated business.

4. Arrange with your assessor (your Line manager) a consultation role-play to ensure to discuss whether objectives, and processes for developing KPIs are understood, agreeable and feasible for managers to implement.
Ensure you act during your consultation in a way designed to ensure support for your processes. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the role of HR in building organisational capability, contributing to the development of a learning organisation, and achieving organisational success.
Note: As a result of consultation, you may need to amend your three objectives and your process - methods, procedures or tools - to meet the needs of various manager stakeholders.

5. Plan implementation of processes related to the objectives you have developed. Record
your plan using the ‘Performance management plan' template provided in Assessment 1 - Appendix A. Ensure your implementation plan includes strategies to ensure concerns of stakeholders about KPI setting and performance appraisals are addressed. Ensure you include appropriate timeframes.

Part B

1. Prepare a 1-2 page written reflection on the activities you have undertaken during this Assessment Task to develop performance management processes and plan implementation. Your reflection should be in a report format and should explain your planning choices with respect to:
a. relevance to specific organisational goals and the broader role of performance management in building organisational capability
b. characteristics of learning organisations
c. application of policies to your planning of processes
d. consideration and application of equal employment opportunity, privacy and confidentiality, diversity and anti-discrimination policies and legislation, as relevant to performance management
e. application of grievance procedures to your planning of processes
f. Discussion of design options chosen or ruled out to build organisational capability and meet the needs of the organisation. Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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