BSBFIM801 - Manage financial resources - Prepare a

Assignment Detail:- ASSESSMENT: Project Imagine that you have just started a new business and you wish to convince the bank to finance your enterprise- 1- Using the template at the attached web link, prepare a financial plan that includes a cash flow forecast, balance sheet forecast and break even analysis for your new business: 2- In addition to your financial plan attach a report that includes a budget for the first year expenditure of your new business and answer the following questions:a- Describe the products or services that your business will produce-b- Identify which type of forecasting technique you will use to develop further financial forecasts-c- How will you analyse these forecasts????d- What statutory requirements do you need to consider in preparation of your budget????e- Describe how you will collect comparative and trend information to support your budget????f- Explain your negotiation strategy with the bank manager relating to acquiring funding for your business project-g- Describe the records that you will maintain to ensure up-to-date information about resource allocations and usageh- How will you report budget performance and expenditure????i- Explain the risk factors associated with your business idea and the expected returns????j- Describe how you plan to monitor the budget in the event of deviations- 3- Obtain financial statements from a company already in existence and undertake an analysis of these statements by answering the following questions:a- Explain the reports that require lodging by this company according to the Australian Security and Investment Commission-b- Analyse these financial records by applying the horizontal and vertical analysis methods-c- Explain whether you think that the organisations financial decisions will serve to meet the organisations planned outcomes- 4- Meet with your assessor and imagining that he/she is the bank manager argue a case for financing of your business idea- Attachment:- Manage Financial Resources-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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