BSBADV604 - Execute an Advertising Campaign Assignment, New

Execute an Advertising Campaign Assignment -

Project Instruction - You are required to complete a written test related to the competency. The questions relate to the skills and knowledge required.

Demonstrate your understanding for the following aspects:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills to establish rapport and build relationships with clients and external contractors; and to liaise with stakeholders
  • Creativity and innovation skills to design market research project plan
  • Information management skills to collate and extract relevant findings from information collected
  • Management skills to monitor work plans
  • Problem-solving skills to deal with complex planning and implementation
  • Leadership and teamwork skills to manage others within the organisation and external contractors conducting market research activity.

Project Work - Execute an Advertisement Campaign

As a Senior Advertising Manager of the TWOSHOT Media, negotiate a Media Contract for producing a Marketing Video for Tweedle Deedle Group. The aim of the video would be to attract investors to the Group, with particular consideration being paid to the new developments in property and hospitality that the group have been undertaking. At an initial meeting, representatives of the Tweedle Deedle Dum Group and Two shot media discussed the making of a marketing video for use by the Group for in-house promotion only.

The video has to be 15 minutes long and would be used in Australia, USA and UK.

In this Media Contract, you need to keep in mind the following aspects:

Negotiate Advertisement positions and price for the media vehicle chosen.

Break up of costs that needs to be charged at the time of Script Writing and Pre Production of Video.

The cost of Production and the Post Production of the Video.

Negotiate and agree on contingency factors and solutions with the media representative.

Establish media contract that meet legal and ethical requirements and the requirements of the advertising campaign.

In the Media Contract, you need to mention the following points:

  • Project Title
  • Project Description
  • Background to the Agreement.
  • Payment Module.
  • Loadings and Insurance.


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