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Assignment Detail:- BSB131 Applied Business Analytics - Queensland University of Technology The consulting team initiated a small-scale survey called "University Choice and Satisfaction'- The survey is still underway, and its latest data for two cohorts of Business students -2021 and 2022- is given to you- You conducted some preliminary analysis using data collected from the survey -as part of A2-- The Client indicated that they would like to spend more budget in important interventions that could improve students' satisfaction- Before making any investment, the client would like to know more about -1- main factors or driving factors or attributes that influence the overall satisfaction of students with the program/study area/course that they are currently enrolled in, and -2- what predictive analytics models should be used to predict students' satisfaction- Assessment Using the same data that you were given in Assessment 2, conduct further analysis and present the findings that are relevant to these new business requirements in a formal research report- The following notes provide guidance for the structure of your Final Research Report: 1- Executive Summary: this section should summarise research objectives and research findings- The word limit for this part is 500 words-The rest of your Final Research Report should be less than 1,800 words -excluding References- and has the following remaining sections- 2- Business Understanding: this section should present:• understanding the project objectives and/or requirements from business perspectives, including any equity, ethical, and legal or regulatory imperatives;• understanding of research questions; and• converting these research questions into data analytics -modelling- problems- 3- Data Understanding & Modelling: this section should present:• descriptive analytics of key variables used and relevant diagrams,• key literature to explain and articulate important causal relationships and hypotheses,• a directed graph to describe your casual modelling approach -see Lecture 9 for more details-,• key literature to justify your choice of variables used in your analytical models, and• empirical results of multiple regression and logistic regression analysis- It is expected that you estimate a set of models -with differing specifications of variables used in these models- and follow a "Systematic Model Building Approach" -see Lecture 10 for more details-- You also need to submit your Excel file showing all modelling work as part of your submission- In your Excel file, you are required to report the key tasks done in a single separate sheet- 4- Evaluation: This section presents important results relevant to the research objectives and questions discussed in the Business Understand section- You should have estimated a set of models, hence you should:• provide a comparative analysis of your various models;• present your arguments or justification on the "most appropriate" model; and• interpret the results of the "most appropriate' model- 5- Recommendations: this section presents actionable recommendations based on the insights gained from your work in modelling and data analysis- 6- References: This section present full details of all references cited in your report- Attachment:- Business Analytics-rar

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