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Assignment Detail:- BSB130 Social Enterprises - Queensland University of Technology Part description: Working individually, you will develop a social enterprise business plan, which involves describing how this will meet a social and/or environmental need- The assessment will demonstrate your ability to: • effectively plan, problem solve and make decisions-• explain what a social enterprise is and how it creates impact-• use Human Centred Design -HCD- principles and tools-• communicate clearly-• use information literacy skills and use references to show you have done some research on the topic and can reference any material or resources you have used- You have been provided with a Social Enterprise Business Plan Canvas to help you think about the various elements that need to be in a plan- • Present a Social Enterprise Business Plan, including the business model-• Explain your inputs, activities, and desired outcomes in the plan-• Define your stakeholder/s and the social and/or environmental impacts that intend to be created- This can include your theory of change-• Suggest how and when outcomes/impact will be measured and reported-• Demonstrate how you have used HCD principles and tools-• Use a range of reliable sources to support all your findings and decisions-• Use clear and logical communication to present your plan, information and process- Learning objective 1: Higher Order Thinking -2-2-: Exercise independent judgement and initiative in adapting and applying knowledge and skills for effective planning, problem solving and decision making in diverse contexts-Learning objective 2: Social, Ethical & Global Understanding -5-2- Demonstrate and apply knowledge of socially responsible behaviour in analysing and addressing business issues in national and international business contexts-Learning objective 3: Knowledge and Technological Skills -1-2-: Apply technical and technological skills appropriate and effective for real world business purposes and contexts-Learning objective 4: Knowledge & Technological Skills -1-1-: Demonstrate and apply integrated discipline -including technical- knowledge across the broad field of business with depth in one or more core business disciplines-Learning objective 5: Professional Communication -3-1-: Use information literacy skills, and communicate effectively and professionally in written forms and using media appropriate for diverse purposes and contexts- Part detailsYou are working individually to develop and articulate a viable, social enterprise business plan- This is building on and developing your social enterprise idea that you presented in assessment 1-Steps to take: 1- Use your idea from assessment 1- 2- Look at the Social Enterprise Business Canvas -on Blackboard- and the headings that are suggested - these are the areas that can be included in your plan- 3- Use HCD and planning tools to help you and demonstrate your knowledge of how you have planned and made decisions- 4- Write up your plan ready to submit, your plan will include text, but might also include pictures, tables, tools -e-g- empathy map-, and references- You will prepare a submission which includes the following sections: 1- Introduction - brief overview of the social enterprise business idea and what SDG it will address-2- Why it is a social enterprise and the business model-3- Inputs -see the canvas for what can be included-4- Activities -see the canvas for what can be included-5- Desired outcomes and impact -see the canvas for what can be included-6- Conclusion7- Reference list - APA format, following QUT CiteWrite guidelines8- Appendices - these might be tools you have used or research that you have done Attachment:- Social Enterprises-rar

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