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Assignment Detail:- BSB123 Data Analysis - Queensland University of Technology Probability and Introduction to Probability Distributions Question One: The data for this question relates to information provided in THA 1 on international student admissions to graduate programs in the USA- Data is the same with one additional variable• Chance of Admission -%-• GRE Score - an admissions test which provides a score between 260 and 340-• TOEFL - an English language test score out of 120• University Rating - 1 to 5 with 1 highest rating• CGPA - Cumulative Grade Point Average out of 10• Gender• Level of Award - Student achievement rating -Pass, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction- a- Use a pivot table to construct both a cross tabulation and a joint probability table for the two variables University Rating and Student Achievement Rating -Level of Award-b- Calculate the following probabilities showing rules and calculations:I- A student comes from a Rating 4 universityand achieved a Distinction Rating-II- A student comes from a Rating 2 university or achieved a pass rating-III- Given a student came from a Rating 1 university that they achieved a High DistinctionIV- Given a student achieved a high distinction that they came from a rating one university-V- Using data from the Rating 3 universities and the students who achieved a Pass can you say that the two variables University Rating and Level of Award are independent???? -Check: you should get a value of 0-006-VI- That a student who was NOT a high distinction student came from a rating 2 university Question Two: A company has been running a particular manufacturing process for 3 years and has accumulated a large amount of data on the number of defective items produced each day- Data from 600 days of production gives the number of defective items per day: X - Number of Defective Items 0 1 2 3 4 5 Number of Days 75 180 150 90 65 40 a- Convert the data to a probability distributionb- What is the probability that there are between 2 and 4 defective items inclusive in one dayc- What is the expected number of defective items per dayd- What is the standard deviation of the number of defective items per day -Check: 1-408-The company has been approached to purchase a new process- The supplier is promoting that the new process will produce fewer defectives on average and has provided the following probability distribution as evidence X - Number of Defective Items 0 1 2 3 4 5 Probability 0-15 0-35 0-175 ???????? 0-1 0-1 e- Calculate the Expected Value and Standard Deviation of the number of defectives for the new processf- Does this data support the suppliers claim that the process is better- Use both the expected value and the standard deviation to answer the question- Question Three 90% of all Data Analysis students who complete all of the THA's pass the subject-Unfortunately only 50% of students do all of the THA's-Overall 80% of students pass Data Analysis- What is the probability that a student who did not complete all of the THA's will fail Data Analysis???? Submission Instructions:1- Submit your THA as a single document in pdf format via Blackboard- 2- After uploading your THA, please ensure that the correct THA was properly uploaded- Attachment:- Probability and Probability Distributions-rar

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