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Assignment Detail:- BSB105 The Future Enterprise - Queensland University of Technology Scenario Planning Report You will conduct research and develop four possible futures that the client may face in 2032- Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of strategies for predicting and responding to future business scenarios across a variety of real-world business contexts- Learning Outcome 2: Analyse a corporate, non-profit or entrepreneurial market to identify emerging business opportunities and threats using a variety of processes and approaches Learning Outcome 3: Using a range of environment sensing tools and approaches, construct business recommendations and evaluate them according to their strategic alignment, feasibility, viability and desirability- Learning Outcome 4: Report on industry trends, developments and possible scenarios in teams using professional communication and collaboration skills- Knowledge and Technological Skills KS1-1 Demonstrate and apply integrated discipline -including technical- knowledge across the broad field of business with depth in one or more core business disciplines-KS1-2 Apply technical and technological skills appropriate and effective for real world business purposes and contexts- HO2-1 Investigate real world business issues and situations through the effective analysis, evaluation and synthesis of theory and practice- PC3-1 Use information literacy skills, and communicate effectively and professionally in written forms and using media appropriate for diverse purposes and contexts- Scenario Planning Report Template Contents Page -not included in word count; can be auto generated in most programs- IntroductionIntroduce the client and their current situation- Reference where you get your information about the client and their current situation, including the current situation of the industry-Explain the purpose of the report and structure of the report-~150 words Scenario planning methodWhat is scenario planning????Why is it useful/important for organisations????What method was followed????What were the two critical uncertainties you identified???? Why are they important???? How did you select them???? Use secondary data -figures, tables, graphs, prior research - all referenced- to support your explanation-Present the image -e-g-, Figure X- of your four scenarios -i-e-, the matrix with four quadrants and the scenarios named- -or you can put it in section 3 - just avoid putting it in the Appendix- Explain each of the four future scenarios in more detail:How do the business, social, and technology trends you identified, play out under each of the four possible scenarios????Use secondary data to explain how those trends -i-e-, the driving forces- are shaping that possible future -i-e-, figures, tables, graphs, prior research - all referenced--What is the plausibility of this scenario manifesting in the future???? Use evidence -industry and or academic- to support your claim and reference where you got that information from-At the end of the scenario description, briefly relate the scenario back to the client e-g-, ‘in this scenario, -the client- would need to consider -e-g-, strategic research and development investments- because -their technology would be outdated in this possible future--' ConclusionSummary of report findings Explain next steps -i-e-, relate to the next assignment which focuses on recommendations on how to respond to these possible futures-~100 words 5-0 Reference List -not included in word count; but the in-text references that appear in section 1-0- 4-0 are included in the word count- Use APA referencing style- Include only sources that you have referred to in your report and appendices- Attachment:- The Future Enterprise-rar

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