Briefly describes what data warehouse, data mart, OLAP and

Assignment Detail:- CMP1042 Information Systems Assessment - Information Systems Analysis Assessment PurposeThis assessment provides you the chance to demonstrate your understanding of Data Warehouse and Data Mart concepts, combined with OLAP and Data Mining- Assessment InstructionsTo complete this assessment, read the following case study then complete the tasks below- Imagine Pty LtdYou are employed by a major Australian supermarket/retail chain -Imagine Pty Ltd-- Imagine P/L operates over 500 supermarkets and/or department stores across all states and territories-You must describe how Imagine P/L can use its large database of transaction data to better target specific market segments or individual customers to improve sales- PartsSubmit a 1000-word report which: 1- Briefly describes what data warehouse, data mart, OLAP and Data mining technology are 2- Explains how Imagine P/L can leverage Data Warehouse/Data Mart technology in combination with OLAP and Data Mining to increase sales through targeting of specific customer groups and/or individual customers 3- Discusses how these groups will be targeted -once identified-, by explaining three -3- digital marketing options such as email, voice, text, app alert, app redemption token, etc-The report should be in MS Word format -or equivalent-- For the purpose of this assessment, the following assumptions apply:• 95% of sales are electronic -credit card/phone-, 5% are cash;• 55% of customers use a loyalty card at time of transaction;• customers who have a loyalty card have provided credit card/phone/email details; and• Imagine P/L has a smartphone app, which supports tokens -price discounts, etc- and alerts- 25% of customers have downloaded and use the app- Report StructureYour report should include the following sections:• Introduction: Briefly explaining the purpose of the report• Technology Options: Where you describe each type of technology• Sales Solution: Where you explain how the options will increase sales• Marketing Channels: Where you discuss how to reach customers• Conclusion: Where you summarise what has been proposed Attachment:- Information Systems Analysis-rar

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