Briefly describe the sources of information for regulatory

Assignment Detail:- Research And Comply With Regulatory Requirements Question 1-Outline the legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and directors in the following business structures in about 20-30 words each:a- Sole traderb- Companyc- Partnership Question 2-Briefly describe the following sources of information for regulatory compliance in the hospitality industry- The first one has been done for you as an example- SourceLocal, state, territory or commonwealthgovernment departments or regulatory agencies Source Reference books Media Industry journals Internet Computer data Legal experts/ Lawyers Discussion with industry personnel Training courses Unions Seminars Accreditation operators Plain English documentation that explains the operational requirements of legislation Networking with customers and suppliers Developers of Codes of Conduct or Ethics Question 3-Complete the table below with the name, functions and applicable legislations/regulations of the regulatory authorities in your state for the following areas: Area Gambling and Liquor Food Safety Work Safety Environmental Protection Question 4-Briefly describe three methods you can use to receive updated information on laws and licensing requirements- Question 5-Describe the difference between policies and procedures and explain how together they help an organisation manage its regulatory compliance- Your response should be in no more than 100 words- Question 6-List and briefly describe at least five -5- inclusions in a policy document- Question 7-Briefly describe the following: Employer Superannuation Contributions Workers' CompensationProvisions for Injury ReportingProvisions for Occupational RehabilitationWorkplace Relations3 types of contracts used in hospitalityGoods and services tax -GST-Principle of ‘duty of care'-LiabilityThe 10 National Employment Standards -NES- under the Fair Work Act 2009Provisions For Environmental Hazard Identification, Use Of Minimal Impact Practices And Reporting Of IncidentsSummary of Work Health And Safety Act 2011-including description and responsibilities on various parties-Legal responsibilities of organisations under the Environmental law towards local Community Protection, penalties of breaches and notification requirements Question 8- Briefly describe the following types of insurances required by a business-a- Public Liability:b- Professional Indemnity:c- Property in Transit:d- Workers Compensation:e- Business Interruption:

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