Brief scan of responsible government departments,

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Advocacy Report Imagine you are working for a non-government organisation in a front-line case work position- For several months, you and your fellow workers have had discussions about extending your practice to policy advocacy- You approach a manager who agrees to provide a 6-week full time project -out of philanthropic funds-- They ask you to develop an advocacy approach for the agency that would contribute to policy change to one policy area- Your fellow workers agree to give you the task of researching and preparing a report for the agency- Selecting a policy area that you have analysed in this subject, write a report for the imagined agency including the following- • An overview of relevant theories of policy change that could guide your work-• A brief scan of responsible government departments, non-government organisations, research organisations and peak bodies working in that policy area and the policy changes they are working on-• An aspect of the policy that you think is worth changing and a justification for that change-• A beginning plan for policy change:o With whom in the sector would you work, what kind of campaign, actions or strategies do you think would suit your agency and this policy change????o Which groups, individuals, public officials or organisations would you target for your policy advocacy plan???? The report will be between 1800-2000 words and be formatted with headings and an executive summary, and will have references to literature using APA7 style-

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