Benefits to the organisation and how innovative thinking

Assignment Detail:- Monitor and present strategies Based on your strategies you have designed to build on innovative thinking and practices in Us3 Steakhouse's sustainable workplace culture, you must seek feedback and confirm awareness of innovative thinking and practice from all staff and present your findings to management on the capacity to sustain innovative thinking and practice in Us3 Steakhouse- a- Construct and administer a survey using Google Forms consisting of at least 8 quantitative questions and 2 qualitative questions to seek out responses on the workplace culture, awareness, and innovation sustainability strategies- You need to have a sample size of at least 5 respondents- b- Develop a presentation that includes:i- Introduction to and promotion of at least one innovative practicesii- Benefits to the organisation and how innovative thinking and practices will benefit Us3iii- At least one strategy to ensure sustainability of innovation within the organisationiv- At least one barrier and subsequent action to overcome the barrierv- Your analysis of the survey results identifying and confirming ongoing awareness of innovative thinking practices-vi- Specifically request feedback from your manager c- Present your Sustainability strategy and survey findings in 10 min presentation to management -your trainer will play this role-- You will be observed during the meeting on your ability to communicate and interact with the client- The following oral communication skills and specific task requirements will be observed- Please ensure you review these criteria prior to your presentation- Learner Observation InstructionsPlease log into canvas to access the observation checklistRead the instructions providedOnce you have read and understood the instructions, please write " I understand and I am ready for assessment" click submit to continue-The assessor will then set up a time to complete this observation and complete the checklist on Canvas Oral communication and interaction with others-1- use of clear language appropriate to audienceClear and appropriate language may include:• semi-formal• professional• clearly spokenno mumblingNo favoured words 2- use of active listening skills Active listening skills may include:• Maintaining eye contact• Repeating what the speaker has said to confirm understanding• Asking questions 3- use of questioning skills to elicit information • use of open questions to obtain information and seek feedback• use of closed questions to confirm• use of clarifying questions4- Specific task Observationsa- Introduce and promote at least ONE creative thinking technique to the stakeholdersb- Explain how innovative thinking and practices can address the issues faced by Us3 Steakhousec- Confirmation of ongoing awareness through the survey result analysisd- Include methods they can use to support a culture of innovation within the organisatione- Specifically requested feedback on innovation strategies developed Review reflection and changeFollowing your review of the survey data, presentation and feedback received you must review your Innovative Thinking and Practices Sustainability Strategies -Part A and Part B-a- Identify at least 2 changes in each strategy-b- Highlight any and all changes in yellow-  

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