Benefits to be gained from the ERP package proposed -

Assignment Detail:- ITECH5402 Enterprise Systems - Federation University Australia Research Report and Presentation Objective:This assessment task has been designed to help you deepen your understanding of ERP/Enterprise Systems- It comprises both team and individual components- Aim:In a team of 3-4 members, produce a clearly articulated and well-researched enterprise system evaluation report to be given to the Board of Directors of GBI to successfully assist the organisation with choosing the correct software product to implement for their enterprise- Please refer to the GBI Case Document- Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate and compare various types of enterprise resource planning -ERP- software solutions and their application in global business contexts- Learning Outcome 2: Identify the main suppliers, products, and application domains of enterprise-wide packages- Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate communication skills to present a coordinated, coherent, and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in dealing with enterprise systems- Assessment Part -Research Report- Submit a well-written report -3000 - 3500- words that include:• Introduction• Case Context, establishing the need for enterprise systems• ERP Selection, indicating identification and comparison of several ERP systems• Benefits to be gained from the ERP package proposed• 3-4 additional technology required to meet the needs of the organisation- Ideally, each team member must identify one -1- technology to be included in the team report- This makes up the individual component-• Concluding remarks, summarising the content of the report Demonstrate depth and breadth of reading to include a comprehensive reference list• Use APA referencing style for all references in the body of text and in referencelist• Include readings from: Journals, Conference proceedings, presentations, books/book chapters, or any other significant sources- Assessment Part - Live presentation in Virtual Classroom Deliver a clearly articulated enterprise system evaluation presentation to the Board of Directors to explain the value of implementing an ERP system from a particular vendor- Attachment:- Enterprise Systems-rar

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