Based on the requirements you analysed, and your design,

Assignment Detail:- Project & Presentation Guidelines You have to develop software Prototype then 1000 words report and ppt Topic - Melina closet 1- PrototypeBased on the requirements you analysed, and your design, you will develop a prototype to demonstrate your system- 2- Report You will also prepare a report mainly with your test data and results, along with how security such as access control is implemented in your prototype- Your report should be contained with all information about your project and should be readable on its own- It could have, but not limited to, the below sections- • Executive summary• Introduction -To your project and the report--• Test Data and results -with screenshots of your interfaces with brief description about the interface and the testing carried out with the results with screenshots- • Description of how you have implemented security and screenshots showing the implementation of them-• Conclusion• Recommendation 3- Presentation - Week 13 Begin with the slides to introduce the project- You will be summarising all what you have done in this project- You can use the diagrams and models that you have created in all your reports- You need to brief the following -• The organisation• Current system• Issues and problems in the current system• Stakeholders• Requirements -Including models representing requirements-• Design -Architecture diagram, ERD etc- And then you can demonstrate your prototype-

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