Assignment - Network Mapping Exercise - Your task is to

Assignment Detail:- Assignment - Network Mapping Exercise For this assessment, you are given remote access to a virtual network consisting of routers and switches- Your task is to figure out the network structure using only the Cisco IOS command line- You should see a similarity in this assessment and the first, where you mapped your local network- The difference, in this case, is that you are operating blind- You are not familiar with the network and have no point of reference- You also have more power to access any device as an administrator remotely- As a learning exercise, this assessment emphasises two real-world aspects of network administration: 1- You will mainly be distant from the device you need to configure; it will not be on your desk- 2- You will use the network itself to gain access to the remote parts; this is called in-band management- In many roles, particularly consulting and security scenarios, you will need to figure out what you are dealing with and how it is structured- ???? Network diagrams are frequently outdated, or the network is physically incorrect -perhaps this is why you are looking at it-- Being able to "sense" a topology is a valuable troubleshooting skill- The submission will consist of a single document that includes: 1- An executive summary- 2- An annotated diagram of your network- 3- A table summarising each discovered device- 4- A brief explanation of your "discovery" process- GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS - You need to be competent with the following to successfully complete this assessment: Navigating the basic Cisco IOS commands and environment- Remotely access a device- Querying local device parameters such as interfaces and IP addresses- Identify neighbouring devices using the appropriate Cisco IOS commands- Applying a system to map the network- Communicating and documenting a network structure- Familiarity with a drawing package Packet Tracer might also be suitable for creating documentation but a dedicated graphics package is the unit coordinators recommendation- You need to include an executive summary- Note that this is different to a mere introduction and this difference is important- Standalone - can be read instead of the main document- Audience - Management - What is a manager interested in???? Very brief - absolutely must fit on a single page-

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