ASSH101 Introduction to Arts and the Humanities Assignment

Assignment Detail:- ASSH101 Introduction to Arts and the Humanities - University of Wollongong Assessment - Writing and analysing an Explanation TASK Part 1 - WRITE: Write an Explanation -700 words approx-- in response to ONE of the following prompts: What were the causes of the global spread of the COVID19 pandemic????OR What are some of the impacts of COVID19????• Follow the structure of the Explanation as modelled to you in class-• Compile and include a reference list of the sources you used to gather the information about your topic - you need at least three sources -see list below-, including AT LEAST one you source yourself- TASK Part 2 - ANALYSE/ANNOTATE Analyse and annotate your Explanation according to the annotation template provided to you 1- Decode the essay question - Identify the parts: 2- Develop a reading and research plan:a- How many readings????b- Which ones???? 3- Examine the marking criteria - look at the marksheet over the page closely 4- Read, take notes and summarise -using a note-taking matrix-, compiling a reference list as you go- 5- Draw the explanation type you're going to write -Change size of box as needed- -for Annotation 2- 6- Write your Text Preview and Topic Sentences- When you've finished the assignment put them in the following table and colour code the elements using yellow, green and blue, as we did in the lecture-• Yellow for the feature being explained -the Lens-• Green for the explanation resource• Blue for the Focus of study 7- Draft the rest of the text - using a variety of causal language resources to unfold the explanation sequence paragraphs- Read over it and improve it etc- Proofread it- 8- Download the Annotation template to fill in 9- Annotate your explanation for its stages and phases-for Annotation 1- 10- Put the Text Preview and the Topic Sentences into the table -for Annotation 3- 11- Annotate the clause structure of theTopic Sentences-for Annotation 4- 12- Highlight in yellow the cause-and-effect language resourcesin the GSI and ONE explanation sequence of your choice -pick the one with the MOST cause-and-effect language resources- and list them in the table -for Annotation 5- Attachment:- Introduction to Arts and the Humanities-rar

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