Assessment - The Valued Healthcare Assistant - Identify one

Assignment Detail:- Plan for Change Question: Identify one area for improvement within your workplace- Your identified area for improvement needs to be relevant to the healthcare setting and impact both client health outcomes and daily operations- Examples of areas for improvement which impact both client health outcomes and daily operations may include: Poor sharing of information between clients and staff resulting in inadequate documentation and poor continuity of care for clients Inadequate staff access to training and education resulting in suboptimal care of clients Reduced opportunity for client and family participation in social activities resulting in the social isolation of clients Insufficient access to meal options and seating arrangements at meal times resulting in inadequate nutrition for clients Please note: If you are not currently employed in a healthcare setting, you may wish to discuss a potential area of focus with an NZTC lecturer or use the course forum to help you identify a suitable area for improvement in consultation with your peers- Taking a healthcare setting into consideration, create a plan addressing the questions below by using the template provided- Discuss the identified issue Discuss potential obstacles to resolving the identified issue Discuss two strategies to resolve the identified issue How will the discussed strategies improve client outcomes???? How will the discussed strategies improve daily operations of the healthcare setting???? How will the proposed strategies benefit staff knowledge and skill levels????

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