Assess the relevance, appropriateness and effectiveness of

Assignment Detail:- BUS511 Global Management - Excelsia College Learning Outcome 1: Critically comprehend and discuss the central concepts and principles of international business-Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the role different cultures play in developing successful international operations-Learning Outcome 3: Assess and explain the impact of the various geopolitical factors on the internationalisation of business activities and strategies-Learning Outcome 4: Critically evaluate an international business operation from a structural, cultural and ethical as well as leadership and human resources perspective by applying appropriate theories, models-Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate a critical awareness of the ethical aspects of global management-Learning Outcome 6: Assess the relevance, appropriateness and effectiveness of human resource management practices in an international context- Assessment Part: Students will be required to prepare written answers to set of questions related to an international managerial situation- The scenario will examine the impact of the global business environment on the situation in point, and will require students to:1- Demonstrate an integrated theoretical and practical understanding of core global business issues relevant to a particular organisation;2- Discuss relevant strategies employed by global businesses to ensure their sustainability; and3- Both critique and apply paradigms acquired thus far in the unit; and identify specific challenges faced by global business managers-4- Identify specific challenges faced by global business managers- Assume that you are the manager of an Australian firm which has branches all over the world- You are assigned a task to prepare a group of employees for a short-term global assignment to Malaysia- Your task is to prepare them for the assignment and to lead and manage them from your office in Sydney while they are in Malaysia- As a global manager:- What are the challenges of working and living globally and how are you going to prepare your team for the assignment????- What strategies would you implement to ensure smooth settlement of your team in the new country????- How do you keep them motivated and engaged while they are away from home????- As they are on a short-term assignment and they will return to their home country by the end of the year, what important aspects of repatriation should you consider and how would you manage the returning expatriates???? Your must provide answers to each question using relevant theories and concepts from the textbook and other reliable sources- You are also expected to provide critical analysis, discussion and sound arguments using reliable and relevant sources such as peer-reviewed articles, periodical, newspapers, and online sources- You must use Harvard referencing style for in-text citations and reference list- The essay is to be typed and 1-5 spaced -a standard 12-point font should be used-- It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression- The 1500-word count excludesthe cover page and the reference list- Attachment:- Global Management-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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