Argue the role that business digitisation has had on Human

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Essay LO 1: - Critique the affect that HR has on business performance within contemporary organisational environments LO 2: - Argue the role that business digitisation has had on Human Resource Information Systems with regards to how they are used within the workplace Assessment Details: "HR needs to transform itself from a partner -that can be removed or outsourced- to a player- on the field, in the game, with the ability to score- This necessitates understanding what HR can contribute, how its systems enable it to contribute and how its ultimate deliverables can be measured-" -Beatty et al 2003, pg 107- Research and critique the role HR plays in organisational performance and using publicly available HRIS information argue how organisations can use these systems to build HR scorecards that align with strategic organisational objectives- Source: Beatty, R- Huselid, M and Schneier, C- -2003- New HR Metrics: Scoring on the Business Scorecard- Organizational Dynamics Vol 32 No 2 107-121 This assessment requires students to research the following using both academic and publicly available vendor information: - The affect HR has on business performance -Worksheet due week 2-- HR Scorecards -Worksheet due week 3-- The impacts of business digitisation on HR -Worksheet due week 4-- Various HRIS and how they are currently being used within the workplace -Worksheet due week 5- They then need to synthesise, critique and use this information to argue how HR can align itself with strategic organisational objectives-

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