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Assignment Detail:- MGT603 Systems Thinking - Torrens University Australia Learning Outcome 1: Critically evaluate the paradigms of Systems Thinking conceptualization and its application to contemporary business issues Learning Outcome 2: Create a visual depiction of a multi-dimensional complex situation that represents differing views Learning Outcome 3: Analyse, select and apply systems modelling tools in integrating, optimising and enhancing business processes within contemporary organisations Learning Outcome 4: Synthesise technological and non-technological solutions to business problems that promote integration and that optimise whole-of-enterprise operations Assessment Part Systems thinking requires us to take a holistic view of the world we live in and the organisations we work with- This assessment has been prescribed to appraise students' ability to think holistically and generate discussion around recognising and understanding organisational operations using a Systems Thinking lens- The assessment will broaden students' knowledge of and appreciation for using a different approach to look for and solve problems faced by managers in contemporary organisations- This assessment has been designed to: » Appraise your ability to academically research and evaluate paradigms of Systems Thinking conceptualisation and apply to contemporary business issues-» You are expected to utilise the literature provided in Modules 1 to 3-1 in your analysis and discussion, and are required to apply critical thinking, presenting multi-sided findings-» Successful completion of this assessment will help you to further understand Systems Thinking in a practical context- It will also help you to maintain currency in the increasingly changing industry- Assessment 1 -Part A-: Part Instructions: 1- Please review the MGT603 Assessment 1 -Part A- list of case organisations -found in the Assessment 1 - Part A Proposal Individual & Part B Critique Individual page on MGT603 Blackboard-- 2- From the MGT603 Assessment 1 -Part A- list of case organisations, only choose ONE -1- case organisation for MGT603 Assessment 1 -Part A-- 3- Read and research widely on the selected case organisation and find out how "COVID-19 Pandemic" has created a significant issue/challenge/problem for your selected case organisation in 2021 and how "Systems Thinking Approach" can assist in making optimal decisions- 4- You are then required to prepare and post in the Assessment 1 Discussion Forum ONE -1- original post identifying the intended or unintended consequences on various stakeholders of your chosen organisation and then recommend/propose alternative policies/procedures using Systems Thinking approach to help overcome the problem- ReferencingIt is essential that students use appropriate APA style- Note: Need part-B Only Attachment:- Systems Thinking-rar  

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