Apply theoretical fundamentals into practice by designing

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Project Report Assessment Detail In this assessment students are required to apply theoretical fundamentals in to practice by designing strategy for international business venture in Australia- That means students are required to select international market for Australian product/service or international product/services for Australian market- The project would contain following information: Chap- No Particulars 1 Company Profile:• Name of the company• Address of Head/Corporate Office• Brief Profile of company• Major Milestones of the company• Organization Structure 2 Product/Service Profile:• Names & features of the product/service range• Product performance in recent years• Major highlights of the products 3 Country Profiling:• Country Risk Analysis• PESTEL Analysis• Perspective Market Analysis 4 SWOT Analysis of the Company:• SWOT Analysis• SAP of the company 5 Government Policy Study:• Australian Government policy for exporting• Importing Country policy• Norms and standards for the product import• International Trade Agreements of Australia for that country 6 International Market Entry Mode:• Considerations of different modes of international market entry in current globalized market environment-• Selection of an appropriate international market entry mode for the company• Reasons to support the selection of mode of entry 7 International Marketing Plan:• Market Segmentation• Target Marketing• Market Positioning Strategy• Marketing Mix Analysis 8 International Business Plan:• Budgeting the total required Investments for venture• Selection of sources of finance• Marketing Estimation 9 Executive Summary of Plan

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