Apply the theoretical models of strategic management such

Assignment Detail:- MA616 Strategic Management Assessment - Strategic Business Plan and Presentation Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge of strategic management Learning Outcome 2: Apply the theoretical models of strategic management such as Porter's five forces, value chain and lifecycles to work basedpractices Learning Outcome 3: Articulate the key aspects and major processes of a strategic businessplan Learning Outcome 4: Develop a strategic businessplan Learning Outcome 5: Explain the role of leadership in changing organizationalenvironment Assessment Part Description Assessment overview Students are formed into groups students to complete this assessment- This assessment is broken into two parts as follows:Part 1 - Strategic Business Plan - 2000 words Part 2 - Presentation - -Equivalent to- 500 words Analyse the Haier group using Case 10 Eastman Kodak and other sources to construct a business plan- Your Business plan should analyse the current environmental issues -PESTEL and Five Forces Factors- and the strategic resources that currently affect the case study organisation- The presentation will consist of the main issues identified and your recommendations- You may use the MIT library to conduct your research: acceptable sources are journal articles, business magazines and business reports- You can also make use of IBIS World Company reports- Ensure that when writing your report you use APA reference style when developing your reference list andcitations- Part: • Identify and asses assess environmental factors -PESTEL- that may impact on theorganisation• Identify and research the Five Forces for their potentialimpact-• Identify the key strengths of the organisation and apply a VIRO analysis to determine which of these represent strategic resources and comment on how these relate to stakeholder needs and the external environment-• Recommend responses given its strategic resources and external environment-• Provide an implementation plan for your recommendations-• Include a list of academic references that have contributed to your analysis and informed your opinions andrecommendations-Use the followingformatto complete this task, ensure you address each component of the Strategic Business Plan: 1- Introduction- to check what to include2- TheBusiness- Anaa- Products/servicesb- OrganisationVision statementMission statement Goals/objectivesc- Organisational Structure and chart Key personnel - about changes of CEO or just other key staff 3- Macro environmental -PESTEL-Analysis- ZF - to cover 3 areas only????a- Politicalb- Environmentalc- Economicd- Socio-cultural - consumer trend sending photos online - not printing - Kodak thinks that it wont bee- Technological-f- Legal 4- Porters Five-ForceAnalysis-Kajal - to confirm if need to cover all 5 areasa- Directcompetitionb- Indirect competition 5- Strategic Resources -VIRO-Analysis- Emily -how many resources / capabilities to include - VRIO analysis - how many???? 6- Recommendations - Emily & Anaa- Assumptionsb- Changes and rationale based on the precedinganalysisc- KPI targets for the strategicchanges- to checkd- Implementation plan- to check 7- Conclusion- Emily 8- References Assessment Part 2 - PresentationAs part of your submission for this assignment, you will need to make a 5-10 minute video recording of the key features of your report- You may use zoom to do this recording- Set up a meeting for your team members, share the slides and record the meeting- The recording of the meeting will go on the hard drive of the person who set up the zoom meeting- You will not be able to email this video as it will be too big- Include a link to the video in a dropbox, OneDrive or Google drive location with your submitted report- Ensure that a hard copy of the presentation is submitted to your lecturer before thepresentation- You are encouraged to use engaging visual aids during the presentation, including charts, graphs, statistics, pictures, photos and videos- Attachment:- Strategic Management-rar

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