Application of health assessment, planning, implementation

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part - Case Study Application of health assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of professional nursing care to a clinical deterioration patient scenario Ischemic stroke types Purpose: This assessment task is designed to develop the student's ability to integrate theory into practical clinical knowledge using a patient case scenario- This task is intended to encourage students to practise writing and presenting researched material in a logical and concise manner that is academically rigorous- Therefore, each student is to demonstrate critical thinking, development of argument, discerning use of resources and the application of the principles of academic writing- Referencing, spelling and grammar, and overall presentation will also be assessed- Format: The layout is a questions and answer style; an introduction or conclusion is NOT necessary- However, should include logically structured discussion sections- May use diagrams in their answers where appropriate- You are strongly encouraged to use headings to assist in the flow of your writing, but they must conform to APA guidelines- The preferred layout of your paper should be double spaced with block paragraphing -no indenting-- Do not indent the first line of each paragraph- Page numbers are to be included on the bottom left corner of the page- Presentation: All work should be typed in 12-point font, double spaced; and written and presented according to the academic guidelines using APA -7th Edition- referencing- For further assistance in relation to academic writing and referencing- Any task that is under or over the allocated limits by 10% will attract a deduction from the final mark for the task- References: A minimum of 15 references must be used for the essay- These should be no more than 7 years old unless of historical significance and/or of specific relevance to the topic -for example; the Ottawa Charter from 1986-- These references must be a mixture of books and journals or Library database sources- Dictionaries or Wikipedia are not considered a primary reference and therefore will not be counted in the reference count- Direct quotes, appendices or the reference list, are not counted in the word limit- Direct quotes must be limited to no more than 50 words and be according to APA 7th Edition style- Please ensure that you adhere to the specific guidelines set out by the APA 7th Edition- Word Count: 2000 words -+/- 10%- Attachment:- Case Study-rar

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