Analyze internal and external dimensions of Information

Assignment Detail:- Assignment Description: IS Strategy and Innovation Question 1- Critically evaluate and apply models and techniques to analyze the strategic contribution of Information Systems to an organization- Question 2- Critically appraise the business value of Information Systems and formulate strategies and plans to meet business requirements- Question 3- Analyze internal and external dimensions of Information Systems strategic planning by applying appropriate theories and models- Question 4- Critically analyze the strategies, methods and approaches used by organitalions to develop innovative solutions to support IT enabled business transformation- Question 5- Develop the professional skills and knowledge required to understand and lead innovation in a corporate environment- Question 6- Communicate effectively to a tango of stakeholders the Information Systems strategic planning principles, concepts and their application- You are expected to complete a critique and conduct a literature review to discuss a contemporary issue which an IS professional may experience and identify appropriate approaches to address this issue- The topic is Design thinking in Practice- You need to search in the literature and find at least ten -101 state-of-the-art -not older than last 5 years- academic research papers -references- related to this topic- -Academic papers can be found in ProQuest- ProQuest instruction can be found in below- Please contact Liberian if you have further question-- A draft of the research paper -key points/headings- will be submitted in Week 07 whereby each group can receive feedback- Group presentation should be recorded online through a Zoom session or any other video conferencing app and upload with the final report at week 13- Both "presentation slide" and "the face of presenter" should be in the recorded video- Each group should submit the final research paper in the Blackboard by Week 13- What you need to submit for Draft submission: 1- Assignment File: You need to submit the draft version of your assignment in week 07- You need to introduce your 10 references and, in few sentences, describe why you have selected that reference and why it is relevant to topic- DRAFT STRUCTURE:> Introduction: State the purpose and objectives of the report-> Discussion: Site the references, and the reason you have selected that reference:1- Reference No 1: <Cite it thoroughly> Why it is relevant to the topic2- Reference No 2: <Cite it thoroughly> Why it is relevant to the topic3- Reference No 3: <Cite it thoroughly> Why it is relevant to the topic10- Reference No 10: <Cite it thoroughly>Why it is relevant to the topicD Conclusion: Summarise your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the main points of the report-> Referencing: reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style- 2- Academic References: The Holmes referencing requirement is complying with the Harvard Referencing Style and provides the Hyperlink to the references in the reference list-

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