Analysis of Economic Data - Analyse Impacts on Business

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Analysis of Economic Data Summary: Analysis of Economic Data -1500 words- Students collate and analyse recent, publicly available economic data that may impact on the conduct of a business- Such data may include unemployment statistics, consumer confidence indicators, interest rate data, etc- Students should discuss their collated data in terms of possible impacts on, and implications for, businesses, -e-g-, difficulty in obtaining appropriate staff, costs of borrowing for capital investment, the need to adapt and/or adjust business models, etc--- This task is staged in three parts, whereby students are prompted to prepare a component of the task through the semester, before submission of the final report in Week 13- Tips:- Select your macroeconomic data- Analyse Your Data, and Identify Patterns and Trends- Analyse Impacts on Business Strategy and Operation Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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